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Pure Silk Scarves

Silk scarves were first made in Ancient Rome when the Silk Road opened from China. Considered the epitome of luxury they were permitted only for the emperor’s family and later it became an honour for upper class women to wear silk scarves. Today silk scarves are the essence of chic and our collection, in a riot of colours and patterns, features beautifully crafted silk twill, silk chiffon and silk satin scarves. Inspired by classic archive designs the collection embraces tropical flowers, exotic plants and geometric stripes. Click here to view our silk scarves in a neutral palette.


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Established 2009 on the back of the success of Black, Bright By Black offers customers the same high quality classic lines in exquisite fabrics as Black.The two brands differ only in their colour palettes; the signature of Bright By Black is bold and vibrant; the palette of Black is soft and neutral.


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