Venise Red and Gold Classic Silk Twill Square - SOLD OUT

  • £95.00

  • Product Code : SIZ117

Inspired by classic archive silk scarf designs this dramatic Hermes style silk square combines a gentle leopard print with a dramatic red and gold pattern making it both traditional and contemporary. Made in Lyon, the home of the French silk industry using traditional techniques of weaving, dyeing, printing and rolling, this delightful, generously sized square is made from the finest silk twill. 100% silk twill. Made in France.

Size: 88cm x 88cm


Established 2009 on the back of the success of Black, Bright By Black offers customers the same high quality classic lines in exquisite fabrics as Black.The two brands differ only in their colour palettes; the signature of Bright By Black is bold and vibrant; the palette of Black is soft and neutral.


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