Posted by James Davey

Mark Carney, governor of the Bank of England ex-Goldman Sachs financier is known for his sharp business sense, he is a top figure in the financial world and he saved Canada from financial devastation in the financial crisis in the late-2000s. There is no denying that he is a powerful man, and one who is exceptional at his job. He holds a position of great authority and responsibility and is respected throughout the world.

Yet, it's not just his professional life that holds our attention. Mark Carney has a real sense of style. He is brimming with charisma and confidence, his face has a handsome charm and the way he dresses is exemplary. On the day of his first official speech on the job, the media covered his thoughts and predictions as much as they commented on his perfect ‘man bag’. This is a man who certainly knows how to accessorise.




What makes Mark Carney's look so desirable?

When it comes to men's wardrobes, the options can be limited, especially with work wear. Someone with as much power as Mr Carney needs to portray a professional air at all times. 

He manages to consistently look smart and professional, yet still adds his own stylistic flair which gives his look so much more punch. In a world of dreary suits, it pays to make an impact, make a lasting impression and show people that you are in control. 


How can you achieve Mark Carney's look?

A Sharply Cut Suit

Mr Carney has achieved a familiar look, by consistently wearing a well-fitting suit teamed with a crisp white shirt and interesting tie. The suit is never a statement item, it is sharply cut and beautifully tailored but is always in black, navy, charcoal grey or pinstripe; traditional options that suit his age and his high ranking profession. This shows that he takes his job seriously and is committed to his work. The continuity of the white shirt emphasises this further however the cut away collar is a sure sign of a man is making a subtle style statement. 


Style Trademark: Mr Carney's tailored navy suit, white shirt with cutaway collar and patterned silk tie 


When it comes to ties, he doesn't opt for anything too garish or colourful yet he is rarely seen in a plain black tie either. His ties are always beautiful quality, in fine silk. He chooses subtle patterns, favouring an assertive stripe or a traditional pattern in classy colours. He tends to wear small, regular patterns rather than anything that could be described as a statement piece.

Good examples of this are our Campara claret and white polka dot silk tie and our Lagundo Italian silk tie. To add a touch of refinement to black tie events, wear our Mark Carney-worthy Black Swarovski Crystal Studded Silk Tie




Winter Accessories

In the winter he has been seen in a simple black beanie, with a deep maroon and black scarf neatly tucked inside his woollen jacket. The inclusion of the maroon colour meant that he kept his tie, suit and coat black, allowing that one shade to shine through. 




Emulate this look with our Black Cashmere Beanie Hat and a two-tone scarf such as our Cobalt Blue and Black Reversible Cashmere Scarf. 



The perfectly tailored suits always display the pristine white edges of his cuffs, which tend to be adorned with cufflinks. This attention to detail really helps to achieve the put-together look that Mr Carney exhibits. It also displays an air of confidence and ability. 

The hair

Well-cut, well-groomed and always immaculate. Mr Carney has found a cut that suits his age and profession and it always look perfect. A great haircut can really make a difference to your appearance. When you next get your hair cut, talk about your profession and lifestyle to your stylist, also ask for tips on styling and finishing your hair. 


One button

When Mr Carney is on the move he only fastens one button on his suit, this allows movement while still keeping the look united without being too stuffy. When seated he wears his suit open, this allows for greater freedom of movement but also adds a relaxed air to his appearance. 



Get in the habit of opening your jacket as you sit down. This is not only an assertive gesture that shows that you are in control, but it also signifies openness. You are ready to talk to people without any boundaries or inhibitions. 

Because of his tendency to keep one button secured on his jacket, it is rare that you catch a glimpse of his belt but he always likes to wear one. He favours a slim black belt that is simple in design. 

Something like our Classic Black Leather Belt would complete his look perfectly. He uses a belt like any other accessory, to add interest to his outfit and pull the whole look together. Adding a simple yet sophisticated belt to the look, is the perfect finishing touch. It's not just leather belts that Mr Carney likes either. When training for the marathon he was spotted wearing a utility belt.

The man certainly knows his accessories, and he wears them in a distinctly masculine and stylish manner. Why not add a touch of Mark Carney's style to your own wardrobe? He may be an unlikely style icon but he certainly knows how to dress.