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Our latest collection of cashmere and silk wraps, designed in collaboration with the colour consultants Red Leopard and style blogger Susan Blakey, has arrived.

This collection is designed to reflect Red Leopard's concept of seasonal colour palettes. Each wrap is specially designed to flatter the natural colouring of the wearer. The wraps are crafted from an ethereal blend of the smoothest silk and the softest cashmere. They are perennial pieces guaranteed to enhance your wardrobe favourites.

The collection features 12 styles featuring 3 cashmere and silk wraps for each palette season; Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter

autumn palette

The Autumn colour palette embraces warm, yellow based hues in rich and earthy tones – autumn leaves, chestnuts, moss, lichen, bronze and heather.

Hayley, pictured here, is suited to Autumn and is wearing our Terracotta Spice cashmere and silk wrap from our Autumn Palette collection.

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winter palette

The Winter Palette features blue based cool colours. Tones from this palette are bright and clear and feature jewel hues such as ruby, sapphire and emerald plus shades from nature such as snow, ice, pine trees and berries.

Manina who is suited to Winter is wearing our Razmatazz Pink Shaded cashmere & silk wrap from the Winter Palette collection.

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spring palette

Like Autumn, the Spring colour palette features warm, yellow based hues but the tones tend to be lighter and clearer and have a real freshness to them. Think of geraniums, poppies, freshly mown grass, citrus fruits, apricots and fresh turquoise.

Here Susan, who is suited Spring, is wearing our Pine to Mint cashmere and silk wrap from our Spring Palette collection.

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summer palette

The Summer Palette, like Winter, features cool blue based tones. Summer colours have a soft richness. Think of an English country garden, sweet peas, cornflowers, candyfloss, hyacinths and lilac.

Tarra, who is suited to Summer, is wearing our Lavender to Lilac cashmere & silk wrap from the Summer Palette collection.

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introducing red leopard

Rachel & Manina (pictured in the middle) are the creative forces behind Red Leopard, a London based colour and style consultancy.

We have had the pleasure of working with them over the past decade. They share our passion for style, luxurious fabrics and scarves which are brought to life in this collaboration.

To find out more about Red Leopard, book a consultation or for style inspiration, head over to their instagram . . . . you won't be disappointed.

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introducing susan blakey

Susan’s blog and Instagram takes a positive attitude towards style and age and highlights the wisdom, experience, and elegance she has learnt. She hopes to help women be their best selves at any age and encourages them to express themselves through their own sense of style. She loves style, Paris, coffee, leopard print (as you’ll discover), history, travel, jazz, cute and comfortable shoes, and the perfect shade of red lipstick.

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