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With cashmere, as with everything, quality matters, and as the cashmere market has grown over recent years so too have variations in quality. Good quality cashmere accessories are luxurious investment pieces and we buy from manufacturers who use only the top grade cashmere and whose spinning, weaving and knitting techniques result is superior products. The UK, Italy and India are regarded as the countries producing the best cashmere and we buy our cashmere accessories from all three. We use companies with a long heritage in the production of high quality cashmere.

Made In Italy

cashmere from Italy

Italy’s reputation as one of the world’s premier producers of cashmere is built on centuries of textile experience and the delicate and professional handling of first class raw material. Coupled with the softness of the water used to treat the yarn in the mills of the northern Italian city of Biella in the Piedmont region, and with creative design flair, these skilled manufacturers produce beautiful, divinely soft cashmere garments.

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Made In Scotland

cashmere from Scotland

One question we are often asked by our customers is, ‘Which of your cashmere accessories are made in Scotland?’ This question implies that people are already aware of the high quality associated with Scottish cashmere.

However, for those who aren’t aware, they find it strange that such a small country can garner such a big reputation for cashmere production, making it sought after by cashmere connoisseurs from all over the world.

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Made In India

cashmere from India

We love the way that a weaving technique, in the hands of a skilled Indian craftsman, adds depth and texture to the cashmere fabric, giving it that special edge that transforms it from a simple two-dimensional piece into something luxurious. It enhances the look and feel cashmere and is all the more enjoyable to wear.
We are proud to showcase a range of these techniques used in the production of our Indian cashmere scarves

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