COVID-19 Prevention Policy

Just a word about how we are managing customer orders during the COVID-19 crisis.
We know how important social distancing is to us all so to ensure the absolute safety of our staff we have made a significant change to the way we dispatch orders.
We have moved the processing of orders into the private residence of our founder who is self isolating for a period of twelve weeks and has no physical contact with anyone except her partner, also self isolating for twelve weeks.
With the volume of sales much reduced during this period this is a manageable arrangement which enables us to continue serving our customers throughout the pandemic.
We can assure you that we adhere to the highest standards of hygiene at all times and we are vigilant in the handling of merchandise and packaging.
We have also extended our returns period to 100 days indefinitely as we know many customers may not be able to reach their local access points
We wish all our customers well; we hope you all stay safe, and we look forward to more settled times.