Pinspiration: The Woman In Black
Black in Style

Pinspiration: The Woman In Black

We adore the timeless elegance of chic black tones, which is why we have created a whole pinterest board dedicated to women who wear black effortlessly. Here are our favourite 5 pins.

Pinspiration: The Woman In Black

We adore the timeless elegance of chic black tones, which is why we have created a whole pinterest board dedicated to women who wear black effortlessly. From the coquettish glamour of Marilyn Monroe in a figure-hugging turtle neck in the same tones as her fluid eyeliner flicks to Rihanna and Cara Deligne sporting black on New Years Eve. Audrey Hepburn's gamine look added sophistication to the little black dress, while modern pin-up Kate Winslet has a taste for black gowns which complement her full curves to perfection. As Coco Chanel famously said “I Imposed Black; it's still going strong today, for black wipes out everything else around.”

Here are a few key looks from our Pinterest board, The Woman In Black that exhibit the versatile grace of black to perfection:


Kate Winslet

The ash white tones of her hair and her porcelain complexion are the perfect contrast to the rich inky blackness of the dress. Her toned back is enhanced by the cut of the dress which is also emphasised by her loosely pinned up do. A classic dress like this will never date or look tired, it has a beautiful elegance that makes it the ideal choice for a silver screen actress. The minimal make-up, neutral lip colour and carefully defined eyebrows make the overall look polished and refined.


Kate Winslet In Silk Lined Leather Gloves:


The single black ring ties the whole look together for a flawless finish. To recreate this look opt for a tailored low-backed gown that fits you perfectly. Keep long hair pinned up to reveal the nape of the neck and opt for subtle make-up and minimal jewellery. The main feature of this look should be the back.


Kate Moss

Kate's tousled curls, smudgy kohl liner and straight-at-the-camera stare all add to the edgy rock chick vibe of this photo. The glossy black feathers add texture and shimmer to the look and dwarf her slim frame. Her lean limbs are thrown into the spotlight encased in a tiny microskirt that echoes of the shimmering jet tones of the feathers.


kate moss:


Marilyn Monroe

The twinkle in Marilyn's eyes, the voluptuous pout, the perfect blonde curls and the immaculate make-up are all iconic Marilyn. Wearing a simple black top is the perfect way to draw attention to her beautiful face. The contrast of black with her golden curls and flawless skin works perfectly. The cut of the jumper draws attention to her strong bone structure, as well as clinging to her coveted curves. A timeless look that would work as beautifully today as it did then.




Cara Delevingne

Cara's blonde hair and striking blue eyes are enhanced by the rich black canvas that surrounds them. Beautiful textures and rose gold accents break up the density of the black and the intense scarlet shade of the fan makes this a dramatic and eye-catching image. This look can easily be recreated at home with a simple black dress, rose gold jewellery and a hand bag or shoes in a hot shade of scarlet.

Cara Delevingne for La Perla lingerie:


Audrey Hepburn

Some of the strongest images of Audrey Hepburn are of her wearing black. The iconic and beautiful film, Breakfast at Tiffany's is the perfect example of classic elegance and refined styling. She favoured black dresses with black accessories, including her statement large-framed sunglasses. A vintage little black dress with matching black accessories is the perfect go-to look for sophisticated evening wear.


little black dress:


Black is such a versatile colour, it works as well in a flirty shift dress as it does in a cocktail gown. Black will always look chic, sophisticated and timeless. Pinterest is a fabulous way to collect inspiration and create your own personal mood boards, helping you to build your look and keep your sense of style fresh and interesting.

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