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Little Black Book | He Spoke Style

This week we add Brian Sacawa to our Little Black Book. His blog, He Spoke Style, is a must for any man seeking classic menswear style inspiration.

Little Black Book | He Spoke Style

There is no denying that a well-dressed man is at a great advantage, both professionally and socially. Yet, style options for men tend to be more limited and restrictive. This is where the guide comes in. Looking to someone else for style tips, advice and inspiration is a great way to find a look that you feel confident and comfortable in. 

He Spoke Style is the blog of Brian Sacawa, a professional musician and former elite-level bicycle racer who identified a significant gap in the world of online fashion sites for men, and chose to fill it with his insightful tips and practical advice.

The blog is full of fantastic articles on topics such as picking out accessories, grooming tips and even cigar recommendations.

Brian has a knack of wearing clothes that suit him and enhance his looks. He looks stylish without looking contrived, and has the ability to express his personality through his clothing choices. 

On He Spoke Style there are plenty of images of Brian which are a wonderful source of inspiration. Three of our favourite looks are featured below;


The Off-duty Weekend Look


The beautifully fitted grey windowpane jacket is the perfect choice for weekend wear. By wearing a suit jacket as a separate item, Brian has managed to get much more mileage out of his suit. The fit of the jacket is a key feature here. A badly fitting jacket would not offer the same sharp, sexy appeal as this beautifully tailored effect. Brian has kept the casual vibe by pairing the jacket with a pair of jeans. Again, the fit is important. Blue jeans are the perfect accompaniment to a grey jacket, as the colour tones blend well together. 



Brian has opted for a coloured shirt to keep the look casual. Anything white or formal would look too smart and would conflict with the jeans. By opting for a soft salmon shade, that is also perfectly matched with his pocket square Brian is creating a soft relaxed look that is emphasised by the unbuttoned shirt buttons. 



Brian looks relaxed and confident in this outfit but the attention to detail shows that he knows how to dress. The subtle belt, the loosely folded pocket square and the well-groomed hair all show that he has a great sense of style. The brown boots and classic sunglasses finish the whole effect to perfection. 


The Seersucker Suit


Brian has identified that a seersucker suit should not be reserved for special occasions. It is a fantastic, lightweight option and when accessorised well can look incredibly stylish and suave. 
He keeps the look simple with a light blue shirt and a sophisticated navy silk knit tie. His choice of pocket square matches the tie perfectly and unites the whole look. 




Immaculate hair, a relaxed smile and a pair of sunglasses are the perfect finish to this look. His trousers are beautifully finished and tailored, so there is no need to add a belt. He has also chosen to wear a distinctive pair of statement shoes, the kiltie tassle loafers could look too fussy if combined with too many details and accessories. By keeping the rest of the look simple, Brian has achieved a laid-back and appealing look. 


Happy Hour Style 


Finding something relaxed but stylish to wear for social occasions can be difficult for a man. Suits can look too formal and stuffy, whereas a simple shirt and trouser combination will blend in with everyone else in the venue. Brian has discovered the knack of looking distinctive while projecting an air of ease and confidence. His happy hour style is perfect for bar hopping, casual drinks and weekend social arrangements.




This look pivots around his choice of a light grey linen blazer. For casual occasions choose a linen blazer with soft shoulders and patch pockets, anything structured will look too formal.

The blue shirt adds a soft touch of colour that works beautifully with the other tones in the outfit. The lightly tucked pocket square looks sophisticated without looking rigid, and the addition of white jeans really adds to the look. The jeans are the perfect length and are beautifully tapered to offer a sharp silhouette. 

The woven brown leather belt is a great way to add detail and interest, as well as breaking up the look. The loafers worn without socks are the perfect way to finish off this look.


Steal His Style


Brian's look is all about attention to detail and adding the right accessories to finish the outfit. He also wears items that are perfectly tailored and well-fitting, to give an appealing silhouette. Featured below are some looks from the blog teamed with some of our accessories.


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He Spoke Style is a great way to feel inspired and to get an idea of what sort of clothes work well together. A variety of pocket squares, some decent belts and a considered purchase of fine silk neck-ties will bring your wardrobe to life. Remember that shoes should be considered as an integral part of an outfit and not thrown on as an after thought. 

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