A Guide To Men's Wedding Style | Part 1: The Informal Wedding
Black in Style

A Guide To Men's Wedding Style | Part 1: The Informal Wedding

The first in a series of three, this guide looks at how to dress for less formal weddings at home and abroad. Find out more here.

A Guide To Men's Wedding Style | Part 1: The Informal Wedding

Suits at weddings used to be seen as a faux pas. Increasingly, however, wedding dress code suggests a less formal style is called for. This is often the case for weddings abroad especially ones in warmer and exotic climes.

Although some dress codes will state informal, always wear a tie. Remember, you can always discard it later on as the evening progresses unless you find a need for a lassoing prop!

When choosing the suit you don’t want to look like you’ve come straight from the office, especially not from the IT department. So avoid suits in dark greys, dull pin stripes and blacks (contrary I know). To add a point of difference to your suit, opt for a classic pattern such as a Prince of Wales check in light grey or go for a lighter fabric with a linen suit in cream or khaki (so no red wine at the reception just in case).

Now that the suit is taken care of it’s down to the serious business of accessorising. Picking the right accessories that only match your suit but also compliment each other will ensure understated and effortless looking style.

The first thing to remember when picking your accessories with your suit is to choose colours which work well together. For our two wedding guest looks we’ll focus on the combination of black and grey and khaki and navy.

Pocket Square: Black Polkadot Silk Pocket Square    Tie: Navy Cashmere Tie    Cufflinks: Cameo Flower Cufflinks    Belt: Black Crocodile Print Leather Belt 


Neutral colours are always a safe bet. However, if you want to be sure not to appear run-of-the-mill we have a few tips to add extra detail. To avoid the uninspiring ‘black tie’, swap silk for cashmere as it has a softer visual appeal than silk, especially when applied to ties and therefore makes for a much less corporate and more off-duty accessory, providing a touch of sartorial flair when smart-casual is the order of the day.

To this add a black silk pocket square with a polka dot design which can either be folded over neatly and tucked into the pocket with just a touch of fabric showing; or go for maximum plumage if you want to strut your stuff.

The belt should always carry an interesting detail whether on the buckle or in the weave and our black leather belt with crocodile print is perfect for this. For the finishing touch a pair of understated cameo cufflinks will give you a polished and stylish look.

Navy is a great colour to match with tones of brown, from tobacco to tan, and from cream to khaki, like the linen suit we’ve chosen.

For this suit, forego the tie and undo one, two or even three (depending on how continental you’re feeling) buttons on the shirt.

Hat: Classic Panama Hat    Pocket Square: Navy Blue Silk Pocket Square    Cufflinks: Sterling Silver Ball Cufflinks    Belt: Navy Nubuck Textured Leather Belt

As no tie is required, style the silk pocket square in an casual fashion and add plenty of body to the puff fold style to ensure a laid back look. For the belt try a different leather texture like nubuck which will compliment the texture of the linen suit.

For extra style points add a classic white Panama hat with black gros grain band and finish with a pair of sterling silver ball cufflinks.

Next month, we'll be looking at how to accessorise for evening weddings when black tie flair is called for.

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