How To Layer A Poncho This Spring
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How To Layer A Poncho This Spring

With spring in the air, we turn our attention to layering which bridges the gap between cold and warm weather dressing perfectly. Find out why the cashmere poncho is the perfect foundation piece for layering in this style guide.

How To Layer A Poncho This Spring

Spring, like autumn, is a season which lends itself to the art of layering. Layering is perfect for these seasons as it prepares you for whatever the weather throws at you; from cold crisp mornings to balmy afternoons and into blustery evenings. Aside from the practical benefits, layering is a great was to team various pieces in differing textures such as leather, silk and cashmere.

A cashmere poncho is the perfect foundation piece for layering as it’s light to wear, has fantastic insulating qualities and can be worn as wrap or scarf given its oversized nature. The texture of cashmere contrast well with a crisp white shirt in either cotton or silk and teamed with a pair of leather gloves. 

Monochrome Spring Layering: Black Cashmere Poncho, Silk Lined Leather Gloves with Polkadot Cuff and Chainmail Waterfall Statement Necklace

Our pick for spring is our Nazanno navy turtleneck cashmere poncho with sleeves. Although its outings from you wardrobe maybe limited in spring, by the time autumn comes round layering season will be upon us once more. With turtlenecks set to shine next autumn, it makes for a fantastic spring investment accessory.


Women's Navy Blue Knitted Cashmere Polo Neck Poncho

Nazanno Navy Turtleneck Cashmere Poncho

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