Style Guide | How To Accessorise A Navy Blue Suit
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Style Guide | How To Accessorise A Navy Blue Suit

A navy blue suit is a menswear staple. In this guide we show how one suit can be transformed by adding different accessories in three looks: neutral on navy, bright on navy and navy on navy.

Style Guide | How To Accessorise A Navy Blue Suit

Navy blue is without doubt my second favourite neutral colour to wear (after black obviously). Navy, like other neutrals is extremely versatile as it complements all skin tones, works well with other neutrals and is a great foundation when experimenting with bright and bold colours.

To highlight its versatility, we’ve picked three looks; neutral on navy, bright on navy and navy on navy. The foundation for the each look is a classic navy suit and a light blue cotton dress shirt with accessories such as ties, pocket squares and belts added to complement the suit.


Navy On Navy


Tie: Favara Navy Knitted Silk Tie    Square: Navy Silk Pocket Square    Belt: Navy Woven Belt with Leather Trim


Navy on navy might not be a look for everyone but it's one of our favourites. It's very easy to make mistakes when accessorising this look so here are a couple of tips to remember. Firstly, use different shades of navy such as french navy and midnight navy to add definition and we'd recommend wearing a light blue shirt. Secondly, add texture to the outfit by using accessories made from different fabrics. Here, for a summer look we've styled a knitted silk tie (you can always switch to cashmere in the winter) with a silk twill pocket square which provides a great contrast and the woven fabric of the belt works really well with its leather trim.


2. Neutral On Navy


Pocket Square: Bergamo Paisley Silk Square   Tie: Larino Silk Tie  Belt: Woven Wool & Leather Belt


We've picked brown to team with the navy suit in our 'neutral on navy' look as brown and blue complement each other very well. When worn together the blues appear deeper and the browns richer. The accessories styled with the navy suit are our Bergamo chocolate brown and navy paisley silk pocket square, Larino paisley style silk tie and our brown woven wool and leather belt.


3. Bright On Navy


Scarf: Matera Silk Dress Scarf    Pocket Square: White Satin Silk Pocket Square    Socks: Purple Cashmere Socks


Orange and navy is a classic combination and the men's orange silk scarf styled above hightlights this as it is backed with navy silk. As the scarf colour is very bold we've opted to style it with a white silk pocket square which lifts the suit without clashing with the scarf. Finally we've added a pop of colour with a pair purple cashmere socks.

That's our men's guide to accessorising a navy suit. Let us know what you think by writing your suggestions in the comments box below.

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