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There is no denying that pocket squares can bring a drab suits to life, as well as making beautiful suits look exceptional. It is worth getting to grips with some of the various pocket square folds as they all work better on different fabrics and suit different occasions. Here are 3 strong pocket square looks, when to wear them, how to create them and which of our pocket squares work best with them.


The Puff Fold

The puff fold is beautifully unique. It doesn't flaunt sharp edges or geometric forms like most pocket square folds. It has an appealing softness that makes it ideal for more casual attire but it will make you stand out from the crowd in the most subtle yet stylish way. If you favour a softer approach to the pocket square then this fold is easy, chic and suave.


Two Tone Blue Wool Pocket Square



Our Two Tone Blue Wool Pocket Square is ideal for the puff fold, as it has a striking central design that is highlighted by this fold. For this fold you need something soft, which is why a wool is much better than a crisp linen or cotton. Silk is also a good option as it is beautifully malleable.

The puff fold looks great with a patterned pocket square; paisley and tartan are great options. You might even like to go polka dot, in the manner of Winston Churchill who was rarely seen without a puff folded polka dot pocket square adding intrigue to his suit jacket.


To execute this fold:

  • lay your pocket square on a flat surface
  • lift it at the centre using your thumb and forefinger
  • grab the ends of the pocket square firmly with your other hand
  • tuck it into your pocket leaving a beautiful, organic puff shape on show.


The Square Fold

 The square fold or presidential fold is a classic and timeless approach to the pocket square. It looks distinguished yet is not too flouncy or dramatic. It is ideal for black tie events, or formal or business occasions when you want to look stylish without being showy. You'll want to pick something in linen, cotton or wool for this look as silk is too flimsy and won't retain the shape.




Our Navy and Ivory Silk and Wool Pocket Square is perfect as the high quality wool adds structure but the inclusion of silk adds a beautiful softness and subtle lustre. This fold is more suited to plain fabrics or subtle designs, so the muted herringbone pattern serves it well.


To create your square fold:

  • place your pocket square on a flat surface
  • fold the lower half of the pocket square up to meet the top half
  • fold the square from left to right to make a smaller square
  • fold this square in half vertically to make a slim rectangular shape
  • grab the top of this shape and tuck it into your pocket leaving the folded edges on display


The Four Point Fold

 Once you master the knack of wearing a pocket square well, then the possibilities are endless. The four point fold may not be one of the simplest of all pocket square folds, but it certainly exudes sophistication and class. It's ideal for adding a touch of finesse to your outfit and immediately identifies you as a well-dressed gentleman.



This fold looks great when worn in crisp linens, especially when you press each peak between folds. It is also very well suited to the structure of fine wool, which is why it looks so striking with our Green and White Reversible Wool Pocket Square. As this fold displays both sides of the pocket square you really need a beautifully designed reversible option to highlight the fold.


To create this eye-catching fold:

  • lay your pocket square diagonally on a flat surface so it forms a diamond shape
  • take the bottom corner and bring it up to meet the top corner but overlapping slightly to the left
  • take the bottom left corner of the triangle and cross it over diagonally to the right so that it creates a third peak
  • take the bottom right corner and fold it across to the left so that it sits to the left side of the furthest peak on the left
  • fold the left corner of the pocket square into the middle section
  • fold the right corner in too to create a neat finish
  • take the bottom point and fold it upwards
  • grip the base of this new shape and tuck it into your pocket so that the 4 crisp peaks are on display.


You might choose to wear your puff fold for more casual occasions, the square fold for business and the 4 fold for sophisticated social events. You may prefer to pick one fold and wear it with a variety of pocket squares. Either way, a well-folded pocket square will always draw the eye and make your outfit look perfectly put together.


 Fantastic video guide from Sven Raphael Schneider, the Editor-in-Chief of the Gentleman’s Gazette 


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