Collection Review: Men's Printed Silk & Linen Pocket Squares
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Collection Review: Men's Printed Silk & Linen Pocket Squares

A pocket square gives instant impact to any outfit. Want to give your suit a little more style? Add a pocket square. Want to stand out from the business crowd? Add a pocket square.

Collection Review: Men's Printed Silk & Linen Pocket Squares

A pocket square gives instant impact to any outfit. Want to give your suit a little more style? Add a pocket square. Want to stand out from the business crowd? Add a pocket square. Need a way to up your formal wear game in less than 5 minutes? You guessed it, add a pocket square.

This small accessory can make a big difference so it’s worth giving serious thought to the ones you choose for your wardrobe. From sartorial and playful to classic and understated there is a pocket square for every look and occasion. Our summer pocket squares offer an easy way to update your Spring wardrobe in a flash. Explore the collection highlights below.


Sometimes colour is just a distraction. Our range of black and white pocket squares are graphic, impactful and offer masculine styling with plenty of bite.

The ‘Widow Maker’ offers a playful twist on what first appears to be a very classic design. Traditional paisley motifs are subverted by a central biker image featuring skull and crossbones. Crafted in Italian silk with hand rolled edges, this is made for the rebel in your life.

The ‘Widow Maker’ Italian Silk Pocket Square

'The Widow Maker' - Black & White Paisley Print Silk Pocket Square

‘The Right Direction’ is the apex of classical geometrical design. Showcasing a compass as it’s central motif, it’s strong black border acts as a pleasing contrast to the lighter recurring graphic that fills most of the piece. Timeless and elegant, pair it with a simple black suit and white shirt for a clean, sharp finish.

‘The Right Direction’ Italian Silk Pocket Square



If you’re obsessed with great design than a geometric pocket square could lend a perfectly balanced flavour to your suit or jacket. Partner with a pared back tie and shirt to let your pocket square do all the talking.

Navy, red and ivory combine on this muted linen pocket square which speaks of faded glamour through its floral motif. Pair it with a navy suit for a relaxed twist on a formal look.


Blue and Red Geometric Print Linen Pocket Square

Paisley has long been a menswear staple and the faded greens and blues of this printed linen square offer a soft contrast to a pale coloured suit. The ideal choice for an early summer wedding.


Green and Blue Paisley Printed Linen Pocket Square

Blue and Green Paisley Print Linen Pocket Square

Polka Dots

Classic, easy to wear, and always in style; polka dots and pocket squares just work. Flip this look with unusual colour combinations and under or oversized polka dots. 

This navy and red Italian silk pocket square has a quiet intensity that shouts against a sharp suit. The scaled down dots add real purpose and drama to a classic bordered design. Hand rolled edges give a perennially crisp finish.


Navy and Red Polka Dot Italian Silk Pocket Square

Navy and Red Polka Dot Silk Pocket Square

A linen silk mix gives a pleasing textural finish to this navy and white polka dot pocket square. Muted tones and a reversible design backed with classic checks make this one of the most versatile pocket squares around.


Navy and Ivory Double Faced Linen and Cotton Pocket Square

Navy and White Polka Dot and Check Linen Pocket Square


Animal Prints 

Fun, frivolous, and just a little rebellious, animal driven designs are a way to showcase your personality and add individuality to your look. Find your wild side with our printed pocket squares.

This isn’t a pocket square that lets you blend into the background. Tropical tones and wild motifs combine in this bold pocket square that celebrates ‘Vocal Beauties’. Hand finished in beautiful Italian silk.

‘Vocal Beauties’ Italian Silk Pocket Square

Vocal Beauties - Green and Orange Bird Print Silk Pocket Square

This breezy cotton pocket square displays fishing flies as jewelled textures across a pale background. ideal for the summer months; it’s the perfect match for a fishing enthusiast.

Fishing Flies Printed Cotton Pocket Square



A border creates a crisp, bold finish to any pocket square, lending a sharpness to your look. Choose bordered designs that chime with your other accessories to make your ensemble work harder.

Less is most definitely more with this navy and white linen pocket square. Simple, strong, and the perfect look for light spring days. Team with a pale suit for maximum impact.

White and  Navy Linen Pocket Square

White Linen Pocket Square with Navy Border

This reversible navy and white linen design is quiet but forceful. It is the perfect accompaniment to a summer suit and will never go out of style.

Navy and White Linen Pocket Square

Navy Linen Pocket Square with White Border

Update your look this season with a pocket square that makes a statement. Explore our full collection here and fall in love with great design.


How to Match Your Pocket Square with Your Jacket


Navy Jacket with (clockwise from top left): Fishing Flies, Navy & Red Geometric, Vocal Beauties and Caught Fish



Brown Jacket with (clockwise from top left): Navy & Cream Circles, Navy/White Border, The Hangover and Claret/Blue Geometric



Grey Jacket with (clockwise from top left): Polka Dot/Check, White/Charcoal Border, The Right Direction and White/Navy Border

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