Cover Up In Cashmere
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Cover Up In Cashmere

We've picked our 5 favourite oversized cashmere accessories to help you get comfort from the cold this month.

Cover Up In Cashmere

When the temperature drops and the wind bites, there’s only one solution; cashmere, lots and lots of cashmere.
With the cold weather set to stay this month we have handpicked five of our favourite oversized cashmere accessories for women to provide you with comfort from the cold when venturing out.

1. Black Cashmere Poncho

Elegant and easy to wear, our black cashmere poncho doubles as a scarf for those extra cold days. Accessorise with a pair of fingerless cashmere mittens during the day and a pair of long black suede gloves in the evening.
Classic Black  Knitted Cashmere Poncho

2. Houndstooth Cashmere Shawl

A must have for any cashmere maven is our black and biscuit handwoven houndstooth cashmere shawl. The weave not only provides a rich visual appearance but it also gives the shawl great thickness without the weight. Continue the woven theme and pair with these Bottega Veneta style cashmere lined woven leather gloves.
Houndstooth Cashmere Shawl

3. Cashmere Swagger Cape

As the name suggests, this walnut brown cashmere cape will ensure that you avoid the shivers and give you a swagger. Made from luxuriously soft Italian cashmere, the rib knit design provides great warmth and texture. For a demure look, accessorise with a pair of long leather gloves with silk lining.
 Walnut Brown Cashmere Swagger Cape

4. Narrow Striped Cashmere Shawl


Show your stripes with this narrow striped cashmere shawl featuring muted tones of cream and caramel accented with fine black stripes. Being handwoven from superfine cashmere, it can be stowed away easily in your handbag making it a perfect shawl for days on the go. Accessories with a pair of our best selling quilted leather gloves.
 Black and Ivory Striped Cashmere Shawl

5. Black Cashmere Hooded Poncho Cape

Evoking the iconic image of The Scottish Widow, our hooded cashmere cape is perfect for those days when you want to go unnoticed. Simply hood-up and feel the warmth.



Geometric Cashmere and Wool Hooded Cape with Fur Trim


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