Little Black Book: The Online Stylist
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Little Black Book: The Online Stylist

The Online Stylist is a beautifully fresh and current website that is a must read and is packed with striking imagery, inspirational blog pieces and some seriously chic suggestions.

Little Black Book: The Online Stylist

The Online Stylist is a beautifully fresh and current website that is packed with striking imagery, inspirational blog pieces and some seriously chic suggestions. From make-up to lingerie, accessories to full on outfit suggestions; this refreshing website is brimming with plenty of ideas. The main focus of the content is on how to look chic, sophisticated and with a cool understated-glamour, while still offering a deliciously realistic and wearable angle.



Amanda Start has been blogging on The Online Stylist since 2009. Focusing on fashion and lifestyle, Amanda has a taste for cashmere and likes to inject luxury into her lifestyle and wardrobe, as well as opting for timeless classics and understated daily fashion when suitable. This combination of luxury and comfort sits well with us at Black, as does Amanda's love of cashmere.

On her site she identifies cashmere as an essential. She also has a view that style transcends all ages. Her refined sense of style for both her wardrobe and her home is something that resonates strongly with the ethos at

If you are looking for style inspiration then the 'My Style' sections are fabulous, accompanied by beautiful photos that capture Amanda's personality as well as her sense of style. Each of these features includes details on everything from Amanda's nail polish to her jewellery to her precise shade of lipstick.




Her honest commentary on difficult-to-make fashion decisions brings out a pleasingly accessible human element and reassures us that even the most stylish and beautiful people have to put some serious thought into outfits that look thrown together in their perfection.

Amanda shares the blogs of those she admires in the 'Blogging Style Heroes' section, giving even more inspiration. With features such as 'What would Carrie Bradshaw wear this season?' and 'Borrow Kate Bosworth's transitional look' there are plenty of star-studded elements to whet our appetites. Amanda also creates beautiful mood boards on Pinterest which are definitely worth a follow and her love of Sarah Jessica Parker (especially as the stylish Carrie in Sex and The City) comes through in her pinterest boards and her website.

The 'Living' section of the site focuses on food, travel, hints & tips and wellbeing. From nutribullet recipes to restaurant reviews, recommendations of the finest chocolates and biscuits to recipe book reviews; the food section is real and utterly compelling.



The travel section is full of chic hotel suggestions and stylish packing advice such as the 'Ski holiday packing list' feature. The hints & tips section has a charming honesty that makes us connect even more with this warm, witty and undeniably stylish woman. She talks about winter wellness, seeking inspiration, advice for aspiring bloggers and even her love affair with instagram.

The 'Beauty' section covers a vast array of products, inspiration and tips. Offering practical advice, product reviews and plenty of humour. The 'Let's Shop' section provides direct links to many of the beautiful products that are featured on the site, saving you the hassle of scurrying about online for things that you have fallen in love with.

The 'Retail Therapy' element is packed full of gift advice, wish lists and wardrobe staples, making this website more than just a rich source of inspiration but also a highly practical resource.

If you love soft shades of camel, rose gold and caramel, charcoal grey and timeless black pieces brought to life with the occasional playful splash of scarlet then you will adore Amanda Start's understated sense of decadence.

The practical spin on things and the addition of her gentle warm humour make this a thoroughly entertaining and readable blog, while still offering plenty of stylistic advice. We defy you to explore these pages without discovering a new product or fashion choice that you'd like to indulge in. Amanda's ability to fuse luxury with practical timeless fashion makes her fashion blog impossible to resist.

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