A Blogger Wears Black
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A Blogger Wears Black

Last month Andreas Weinås featured some of men's cashmere accessories on Sweden's biggest menswear blog Manolo.se. Here are some of our favourite shots

A Blogger Wears Black

Sweden's biggest menswear blog is a rich blend of chocolate leather dress shoes, traditional tweed, rich cashmere scarves and accessories that are timeless in their sense of style and sophistication. Described on their popular instagram account as a website “about Sartorial Menswear with a focus on Quality, Craftsmanship and Sartorial Behavior” this is a must visit site for anyone with a love for fine tailoring and classic menswear. 

 One of the most attractive elements of the blog is that it has such an identifiable sense of style. A beguiling colour palette of duck egg blue and tawny browns and a series of unbiased recommendations; the blog is strong in visuals and offers plenty of inspiration for men who like to dress well. If Swedish isn't your strong point then there are plenty of images to whet your appetite on the blog and of course the instagram page is very photo heavy.

Recently, they featured renowned British fashion designer and creative director of Norton & Sons of Savile Row, Patrick Grant. The video, 'How I get Dressed by Patrick Grant' is a fascinating insight of how one of Britain's most stylish men considers what he wears each day. From his cashmere woven tie to the subtle accents on his cufflinks, his silk pocket square which he describes as man's “final peacock moment.” Patrick talks us through his own personal process of getting dressed each morning and how it is a precious moment that we should all savour, relishing the importance of making the most of the time to ourselves. This is a sentiment that is echoed by the team at Manolo.se as well as everyone here at Black.co.uk.

It was a real honour for us to be featured on Manolo, especially as we are such fans of their work and their beautiful aesthetic. Our products feature in many of their features, with references to our Cashmere Beanie Hat and Cashmere scarf as well as our Grey Knitted Cashmere Tie. They were enchanted by our Calanna Italian Silk Pocket Square, Cashmere Lined Leather Gloves and Light Grey Prince of Wales Check Cashmere Scarf.


 It's a great feeling to know that there is a whole community of men out there who really take care with the way they dress, who pay attention to the finest details and who appreciate the advantages of expressing themselves through style. For more inspiration and enchanting visuals, have a scroll through Manolo.se

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