Style Guide | How To Accessorise A Grey Suit
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Style Guide | How To Accessorise A Grey Suit

A navy grey suit is a menswear staple. In this guide we show how one suit can be transformed by adding different accessories in three looks: grey on grey, navy on grey and black on grey.

Style Guide | How To Accessorise A Grey Suit

Grey suits can be one of the best canvases to accessorise with. Whether you want a bold, yet sophisticated look using prints and textures, or a more muted style with hidden character, accessories are key and are a perfect contrast against a grey suit.

A grey suit can be worn to any occasion, whether that may be a casual affair, a day at the office or even for a formal attire event. Accessories are a great way to personalise your look. A tailored and crisp suit is enough to create an overall sophisticated look, but it isn't enough to get you standing out from the crowd.

We have put together some helpful suggestions on how you can accessorise your grey suit yourself:

Grey on Grey 

Now grey on grey isn't going to help emphasis the boldest of statements, but you can still add some great patterns and textures to create an eye-catching contrast. This is perfect for those who are looking for a more subtle look for a formal work or other occasion.





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Men's Grey Silk Tie with White Polka Dots

Grey Polka Dot Silk Tie

Men's Black and White Paisley Silk Pocket Square with Black Border

Grey Paisley Silk Pocket Square

Grey Panelled Extrafine Merino Wool Scarf to Buy Online

Grey Merino Wool Scarf


Our Accadia pewter polka dot silk tie is perfect for those who are looking to add a little more character to their suit. Whilst set on a discreet grey the bold white dots add a classic pattern to the look. The tie is complimented by a grey silk paisley pocket square and the look is finished with a grey panelled merino wool scarf.

Impeccably crafted and lined with black suit, this is a grey sophisticated option for a day at the office. 


Navy on Grey 

Navy coloured accessorise is a perfect way to compliment a grey suit. The contrasting colour helps to stand away from the subtle grey, without creating a bold or quirky look. For those of you looking to add some colour for a formal event or wedding, then adding navy accessories is a grey way to achieve this.

Our Navy Silk Pocket Square is a great go to accessory. With its prominent colour, it can help add a little character to your suit, whilst still remaining subtle and sophisticated. Created with 100% silk, our pocket square will help to create a perfect contrast in textures between your suit and the silk square.





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Men's Two Tone Blue Check Wool Tie

Blue Check Wool Tie

Men's Navy Blue Silk Pocket Square To Buy Online

Navy Silk Pocket Square

Men's Navy Polka Silk Scarf To Buy Online

Navy Polka Dot Silk Scarf


For the tie, we have matched the texture of the suit with an Italian made two tone blue mirco check wool tie and add a contrasting texture with our best selling Adelfia navy blue polka dot silk scarf.


Black on Grey

Adding black accessories to a grey suit won't make the boldest of contrasts, but it will still help to break up and draw any attention away from the block of colour. Black is always a go to colour for a sophisticated and smart look. It is perfect because it simply goes with anything! Whether you are heading out for a day at the office, or attending a formal event, black accessories are perfect to always keep in the wardrobe.

For a monochrome mood we have team this classic Prince of Wales check suit with a Scottish made black cashmere tie and Italian black polka dot silk handkerchief.





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Black Knitted Cashmere Tie for Men

Black Cashmere Tie

Men's Black Silk Pocket Square with White Polka Dots

Black Polka Dot Silk Square


Here at, we stock a wide range of men's suit accessories in a variety of colours, prints and textures. Whether you are looking to add some character or add some muted accessories, we have everything to help you to personalise your suit.

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