Who Dares Wears: Supersized And Prized
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Who Dares Wears: Supersized And Prized

To mark the start of London Fashion Week we are paying homage to the 'Big Scarf'. Whether you sling it, drape it or wrap it just make sure you wear it. 

Who Dares Wears: Supersized And Prized

With the start of London Fashion Week, we wonder how many style mavens will defy the Indian Summer we’re having and don the must have autumn accessory; the big scarf.

The bigger the better is the order of the day for this season's oversized scarves. The better the better is our motto, and what could be better than being enveloped in yards of pure luxurious cashmere. In three sizes: big, super big and mega big.

This autumn we are featuring a wonderful collection of oversized scarves for women in checks, monochrome and houndstooth (our personal favourite) designs. As the summer draws to a gradual close, keep your coat in closet and supersize your scarf.


The Big 5


Blanket Babylon: Burberry's Monogrammed Blanket


Goodness Greycious: Michael Kors' Oversized Knitted Scarf


Two Toner: Jonathan Saunders' Two Tone Knitted Scarf


Cape Crusader: ISSA's 50s Style Striped Swagger Cape


Check Mate: Ferragamo's Plaid Turtleneck Poncho


The Black 5


Women's Black & Brown Houndstooth Cashmere Shawl To Buy Online

Houndstooth Cashmere Shawl


Women's Black & White Chevron Print Cashmere Shawl to Buy Online

Monochrome Chevron Print Cashmere Shawl


Men's Oversized Navy & Green Tartan Check Cashmere Scarf To Buy Online

Oversized Black Watch Tartan Cashmere Scarf


Oversized Black & White Houndstooth Cashmere Scarf To Buy Online

Oversized Ivory & Black Cashmere Scarf


Women's Black & White Stripe Cashmere Shawl To Buy Online

Black & Ivory Striped Cashmere Shawl

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