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Black Press:

Find out how to commute in style this spring with's guide which features ergonomic suits and stylish accessories.

Black Press:

This week, featured our men’s navy and tobacco Italian leather driving gloves in their style blog post ‘How to Bike to Work in Style’.

The feature centres on suits which are made from a merino wool and spandex blend designed for the growing numbers of cycling commuters, offering a balance between a tailored fit and ease of movement.

Leather Driving Gloves, Men's Driving Gloves - Navy and Tobacco Italian Leather Driving Gloves

Navy & Tobacco Italian Leather Driving Gloves

Although these commuter suits are very innovative they may not be for everyone so we’ve come up with an alternative cycle to work outfit featuring our gloves which isn’t as ergonomic but definitely as stylish. 

Scarf: Cavendish Houndstooth Cashmere Scarf   Tie: Favara Silk Knitted Tie   Gloves: Navy & Tobacco Leather Driving Gloves

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