Pinspiration | Ties & Pocket Squares
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Pinspiration | Ties & Pocket Squares

Pinterest is a great creative outlet and source of inspiration. One of the most popular themed boards on our profile is the Ties & Pocket Squares board from which we have picked 3 of the most liked and used images to help the sartorial man get dressed. Find out more about them here. 

Pinspiration | Ties & Pocket Squares

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Pinterest, it is a social media website that encourages its members to discover, curate and share images from around the internet. At Black, we find the that Pinterest not only provides style and accessory inspiration for our followers it also helps us with ideas when it comes to styling a photo shoot or look book and designing new collections.
One of the most popular pin-boards on the Pinterest page is the Ties & Pocket Squares themed board. Although the reasons for its popularity aren’t explicit, the fact that these two accessories are quintessential male and can be worn with casual, work and formal event outfits goes a long way to explaining the attraction. My feeling about this is that the two items provide a small but important detail to an outfit and even the more conservative-minded dressers feel that they can be more adventurous with patterns, textures and colours.
To showcase this theme, we have chosen three of the most popular pins from our Ties and Pockets Squares board. To gauge the popularity, we have picked the images that have received the most ‘likes’ and ‘repins’ (the number of times an image has been used on another board throughout the community)
1. Navy Blue Polka Dot Silk Tie & White Pocket Square 
One of the most popular styles of silk tie has to be the polka dot and the navy with white dots featured here is an essential accessory for any man. When worn with a plain white handkerchief and a classic plain colour suit it allows you create a sartorial look for your everyday work suit without looking over dressed. (Image from
2. Paisley Silk Tie & Amber Silk Pocket Square.
The paisley silk tie is a classic. When worn with a pin stripe suit, as shown here, it can help take the edge off the bold stripes. The tones in the paisley print of the tie are mainly muted blues, greens and reds with specks of bright terracotta. The brighter elements in the tie allow for a more adventurous pocket square to be worn and in this case we have a silk pocket square in light and dark amber to compliment the orange tones in the tie and the navy fabric of the suit. (Image from Tumblr)
    3. Navy Knitted Silk Tie & Two Tone Brown Square
The combination here highlights the use of texture when styling a tie and pocket square. A knitted silk tie has a softer visual appearance compared to woven silk and works well with more casual suits and check or plaid shirts. The fabric used for the pocket square is either linen or cotton but a cashmere pocket square will also work well and add a touch of luxury. The colour combination of navy and brown is a classic as when worn together as the navy appears deeper and the brown more opulent. (Image from Tumblr)
For more inspiration, click here to discover our full collection of silk ties and cashmere ties and here for silk pocket squares and cashmere pocket squares. 

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