Black Watch: Kate Winslet
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Black Watch: Kate Winslet

Saturday at is more commonly known as 'Black Watch' among Team Black where one member of the team mans the phones on customer service duty. Perhaps a more applicable use of the term 'Black Watch' is to discover people we admire championing the black.  

Black Watch: Kate Winslet

BlackWatch is, officially in the world of, the Saturday shift.  From 9am(ish - it is Saturday after all) until 5pm, one member of Team Black is on Customer Services duty, answering weekend calls from our customers asking for advice on cushions, throws, scarves and so on. This is done via rota. BlackWatch makes it sound a bit Special Ops, which I guess is why it's stuck.

Yet as I was reading April's Vogue this weekend (my Saturday off) it appeared to me that, in its hypnotically-perfumed pages, was the perfect application for the term: BlackWatch. Here it is in action:


"I wear black and white - and black. Colour looks shit on me. It just does". Kate Winslet, pictured in Tom Ford, Vogue April 2011. Looking breathtaking. Gulp.

BlackWatch from henceforth will be known as the spotting and documenting on these 'pages' of certain illustrious individuals championing the brilliance of black.


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