3 Ties To Wear With a Navy Jacket
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3 Ties To Wear With a Navy Jacket

The navy jacket is a menswear classic and we wanted to explore how to adapt this wardrobe staple jacket with different ties. Discover the looks featured in this post and get inspired to try something different.

3 Ties To Wear With a Navy Jacket

The navy jacket is a menswear classic and it’s likely we all have one or two hanging in our wardrobe. But how do you wear yours? Do you pair it with the same accessories time after time in a safe but signature look? The reason the navy jacket is such a style staple is its versatility – so it’s useful to know how to transform your jacket with different accessories.

When it comes to navy, subtle and simple work well but some brights - particularly green and yellow - can really allow you to have fun with the look. Don’t be afraid to experiment and step out of your comfort zone from time to time.

We wanted to explore how to adapt a classic navy jacket with different ties. Enjoy the looks below and get inspired to try something new.


Blue and Biscuit Striped Knitted Cashmere Tie

Brown and blue are always happy when paired together and this striped cashmere tie has a bold design which will help to add interest and a little fun to your classic jacket. Choosing a knitted tie is also helpful in adding a textural note to your look. With bold ties, simple shirts work best - we say choose nothing but white with this design. Gold accents could really bring this tie to life so choose gold cufflinks or a gold watch or belt buckle to add in metallic notes and provide polish. A simple blue linen pocket square can help to finish the look.



Blue and Brown Cashmere Tie

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 Navy and White Striped Italian Silk Knitted Tie

Don’t be afraid to pair navy with navy – it creates a clean, simple look which works well for both casual and business events. This beautiful handmade silk knitted tie is an easy option to bring out the best in your navy jacket. Again, it should be a well-pressed white shirt with this tie and a straightforward four in hand knot to create a neat sharp finish. Brown accents in shoes, buttons or belts will add a little warmth and depth to a strong navy look.


Navy Blue Knit Tie with Navy Jacket


Navy White Stripe Knit Tie

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 Green Polka Dot Knitted Silk Tie

Green and blue sit next to each other on the colour wheel which means they also sit happily together in your outfit. This green polka dot knitted tie in deep emerald will add a flash of colour interest while feeling incredibly classic. The polka dots add an extra layer of impact and reflect the simplicity of a classic white shirt. Choose a pocket square with green accents and add some gold in your cufflinks or lapel pin for extra polish. Don’t be afraid of going bold with your navy jacket – when done with care it looks great.


Green Knit Tie with Navy Jacket


Green Dot Knit Silk Tie

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Your navy jacket can be the starting point of some incredible sartorial outfits. Look for shades and tones which complement the deep blue shade and build out your accessories from there. Keep your shirt simple to allow your accessories to shine.

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