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Last month we introduced you to some of the fantastic womenswear bloggers and influencers with whom we've had the privilege to work. We would now like to introduce you to more of these stylish women in Part II of Bloggers Wear Black.


World of Wanerlust by Brooke Saward

Brooke Saward, writer of the acclaimed travel blog World Of Wanderlust, created it as a hub for like minded to be inspired daily to travel and live a more adventurous life everyday. On her blog she shares travel tips, lifestyle tips & motivation.




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Fashion Mum of 40 by Annmarie

After reaching a certain milestone birthday Annmarie started Fashion Mum of 40. Having always had an on-going love affair with fashion, she's a self-confessed handbag and shoe addict. She's a firm beliver that simple style is the way forward for busy working mums like herself.



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A Fisherman's Wife by Johanna

Not your typcial Fisherman's wife, Johanna writes about her life as a Norwegian fisherman's wife and as a mother of two cats. The blog discusses how the everyday life can be beautiful, presenting the day's outfits and wonderful decorative things - as well as discussing in depth.




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Fashion Should Be Fun by Dawn Lucy

Necessity was the mother of Dawn's invention as in her 40’s, she felt like shes was in a bit of a style slump and turned to style blogs to help her find inspiration. She was discouraged with some of the judgmental voices she found online, giving strict lists of do’s and don’ts so she decided to start her own blog.



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Susie SoSo by Susan Meyer

Susie started Susie SoSo to chronicle her fashion adventures as a bit of fun and just to voice her opinion in to the ether and hope that one day someone would want to talk back. She likes grey cashmere jumpers, Earl Grey tea, coats, peonies, hydrangeas and wardrobe culling.



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Shades of Pinck by Meg Pinckney

Started by Meg Pinckney, a former Miss South Carolina, Shades of Pinck is guide to living a life of luxe, offering a notable, yet mindful approach for styling yourself, your travel, and your entertaining.



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