Buy It Once & Buy It Well
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Buy It Once & Buy It Well

Our founder, Paula Reeves, shares her mantra when it comes to her approach to buying clothes and accessories; Buy It Once & Buy It Well.

Buy It Once & Buy It Well

I was brought up in the 50s and 60s by parents who had experienced the post war austerity years and were not well off. This was many decades before the issues of sustainable fashion and climate change entered our consciousness. The culture of ‘throwaway’ fashion would have horrified my mother… she simply would not have understood it on a number of levels.
Her guiding principles have left an indelible mark on my own approach to fashion. Buy it once and buy it well was her mantra. Buy the best quality you can afford, quality that will last and last, and then be sure to take care of it. Quality, not quantity has been my own watchword, learned from her wise words.
Those principles have become muddied over time, influenced by cheap imports and the ‘must have’ culture of modern fashion.  Happily these principles are now enjoying a resurgence as we all become more environmentally aware.
Quality has been the cornerstone on which we have built and it would be nice to think that, through our focus on natural fabrics and skilled artisan production, we are contributing in some small way to making the changes we all need.


A Few Of My Favourites Things


Hand Embroidered Black & White Cashmere Ring Shawl

Hand Embroidered Black and White Cashmere Ring Shawl

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This cashmere shawl is truly unique work of art and cleverly blends traditional artistry with contemporary design. The jewel in the crown of our signature collection of hand spun, hand woven cashmere shawls is without doubt this hand embroidered style. This exquisite piece showcases perfectly the skill of Kashmir artisans and is made using traditional weaving techniques passed down through generations. The black pashmina shawl has been meticulously and delicately embroidered in fine silk thread with precise accuracy in an all over floral design. The embroidery has taken many months of dedicated concentration and the result is a magnificent investment piece.


Triple Tahitian Black Pearl Necklace


Perdita Triple Tahitian Black Pearl Necklace

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This Tahitian Black Pearl Choker features three perfectly round 10/11mm Tahitian Black Pearls floating on a superfine sterling silver cable chain. The pearls have deep peacock overtones giving them a unique lustre, typical of Tahitian Black Pearls. Our Black Pearls are sourced in Tahiti by a French family company whose experience and dedication to quality has led to the creation of elegant jewellery with a contemporary simplicity reflecting the beauty and uniqueness of each black pearl.


Silk Lined Long Black Italian Leather Gloves


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Simple elegance characterises these glamorous elbow length Italian made long leather gloves which are lined with black silk. Crafted from the softest black nappa leather they are designed to come just above the elbow and can be worn extended or pushed down for a ruched look. From the tip of the middle finger to the top they measure 45 cm.

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