Colour Combinations | Navy & Burgundy
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Colour Combinations | Navy & Burgundy

It’s time to introduce one of our favourite colour pairings for a new season. Drum roll please, step up navy and burgundy – the new colour combo for autumn and winter.


Colour Combinations | Navy & Burgundy

If you are ‘au fait’ with the science (and fashion) of colours, you’ll know that colours can be divided into cool and warm colours. If you have an invested interest, you might also be up on the colour wheel and the concept that cool colours should be paired together, and warm grouped in their camp.

Generally, it’s a methodology that works but fashion has never been known to follow the rules. In fact, when it comes to colour, fashion has brought us some interesting combos that challenge everything we know about pairings (think of it like salty and sweet at the same time – it just works, right?). Combos of note during summer have been bright pink and lime green, and citrus and cobalt blue.

However, with autumn comes a more muted shade palette and it’s time to introduce one of our favourite colour pairings for a new season. Drum roll please, step up navy and burgundy – the new colour combo for autumn and winter.


Why do they work together?

While blue is seen as a traditional cold colour, navy has warm depths beyond that. For example, cool colours are famed for their ability to calm and soothe – they shouldn’t radiate heat but what navy does so well is absorb the mood of any colour pairing. For example, team navy with mustard or yellow and you have a combo with a sunny and warm disposition. Similarly, par it with burgundy and you have added depths and warmth. Not only this, but burgundy and navy are generally acclaimed for being flattering to everyone – so, as a colour combo, they are pretty airtight.


How to work them together?

When it comes to pairing burgundy and navy, we suggest picking one as a base and one as an accent. Instinct would say to go with navy as the primary but there really is no hard and fast rules. Have your eye on a burgundy dress? Go for it and pair with navy tights. Similarly, that navy coat is going to simply sing with a burgundy scarf or burgundy boots.

Don’t just talk our word for it, let these beautiful pairings do they talking.


Layer up

As the cooler temps try to creep in, layer yourself up with a cashmere cape and cashmere snood snood. The colour combo will give added depth and cosiness.



Burgundy Double Size Knitted Cashmere Snood

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Midnight Navy Cashmere Sleeved Cape

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Cardie up

Temps might be dropping, but it doesn’t automatically mean reaching for the puffa. Indulge in cashmere cardigans and layer up with a scarf to stay cosy and pay homage to fashion’s best colour trends.



Midnight Navy Longline Cashmere Cardigan

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Navy and Burgundy Herringbone Cashmere Scarf


Glove Love

Combos are not just about clashing colour but mixing fabrics. Here, traditionally cold (leather) and warm fabrics (cashmere) come together to add texture and vibrancy.


Burgundy Cashmere and Fur Bobble Hat

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Burgundy Cashmere Lined Leather Gloves

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This winter, the trick to staying warm this is embracing warm and cool as one.

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