Posted by Toby Logue

At Black we pride ourselves on the quality of our cashmere accessories and the skill involved in the production process. The company that produces our Italian cashmere accessories has been manufacturing cashmere yarn for over 100 years.
They source two types of cashmere; white cashmere from Inner Mongolia and brown cashmere from Outer Mongolia. The raw material is then imported to Italy and sent to Biella for washing and spinning. Biella is located between Milan and Turin and is famous for the quality of its water which is essential in ensuring that the Italian cashmere yarn maintains is softness.



They have 5 workshops which are all based in Liguria, a region in northern Italy, within one hour’s drive of their headquarters to ensure quality control is maintained to the highest standard.
One of these workshops, just a 10 minute drive from the stunning village of Portofino, houses hand operated shuttle looms which are based on the original design of 15th Century antique Belgian looms.


Antique Belgian Shuttle Loom In Action


It is on these looms that many of our Italian cashmere accessories are made. Due to the complexity of the looms they are operated by highly skilled craftsmen who attach each individual strand of cashmere to the needles and programme the weave pattern manually.


Antique Loom Italian Cashmere Scarves


Navy and White Large Fringed Cashmere Scarf

Navy & White Antique Loom Italian Cashmere Scarf


Grey and Ivory Antique Loom Cashmere Scarf

Grey & Ivory Antique Loom Italian Cashmere Scarf


Navy and Grey Antique Loom Cashmere Scarf

Navy & Grey Antique Loom Italian Cashmere Scarf


Brown and Ivory Antique Loom Cashmere

Brown & Ivory Antique Loom Cashmere Scarf


Yarn Woven into Fabric 


Classic Scottish tartan made from Italian Merino Wool


Gina preparing the cashmere yarn for the loom


Toby & Mattias learning about the weaving process


The weave patterns are coded onto these sheets manually