Posted by Paula Reeves

Known as the Peace Silk, Eri silk is a sustainable and non violent organic method of producing fine silk without killing the silk worms. It is a forest based industry and it is produced in a completely natural environment as the silk worms are reared outdoors on live trees. 
The silk is produced from the cocoon from which the silk moth is released and flies off. This exposure to nature results in a multi-tonal look which cannot be produced by machines.

The piercing of the cocoon produces many pieces of yarn (instead of one continuous thread) which are spun together to make a single thread. This process makes it more expensive than regular silk. Eri silk is one of the most durable and strong fibres: cooling in summer and warming in winter.

Our new collection of organic silk kimonos is hand spun, hand woven and hand printed; the textile and prints do all the talking. The spinning and weaving is done by a collaborative venture of poor rural women in the hinterlands of India bringing employment, greater self reliance and better living standards to these disadvantaged groups.


Eri Silk Kimonos

Geometric  Organic Silk Kimono