Posted by Emmanuel Flossie

Why you should step into spring with a scarf, cape or snood

For the optimists, spring in the air and winter seems a distant memory. On the other hand, the pessimists are still firmly rooted in their winter boots and reluctant to remove those layers. Sometimes, it seems like never the two camps shall meet and agree on what season we are actually in.  This was until the fashion world proposed some kind of peace-core, with the middle ground known as ‘transition’.


What is transition?

Transition is that moment when you suddenly realise that you’re sweltering in your winter jacket, but it’s too cold to go coatless. It occurs sometime in early spring (and again in Autumn), but think of it like a middle season, a little stop off before we hit Summer and it’s often a place where many people lose their way.

Think of transitional as capsule collections specially tailored to ride this period through. As we leave winter and approach summer, get set to welcome trench coats, cropped trousers and Breton tops with shortening sleeves. Best of all, you can expect one essential which tops all ‘Spring must have’ lists and that’s oversized accessories. We’re talking scarves, snoods, and capes for a layered look that trumps all others.



Grey Cashmere Coatigan


Leopard Print Silk & Wool Scarf


Spring is made for layering

During these spring days, it tends to start off chilly and finish warm – making jackets too cumbersome! This is where layering comes into play; easy to wrap around and remove as and when needed. Pick fabrics which are light, and work to add heat by wrapping around as many times as you need.  Think lightly draped over the shoulders like a shawl, looped around several times as a neck scarf or loop-through for a casual vibe.



Silver Grey Cashmere Swagger Cape

Grey Cashmere Swagger Cape


Navy & Grey Striped Cashmere Shawl


Trend Aware

Oversized accessories are a great way to transition your outfit into a new season. After all, it might still be too chilly for bare legs and cold shoulders – but it’s still possible to stay ‘on trend’ with accessories. A brightly coloured hue is a great way to update your look and bring it right into spring.

Of course, if flashes of bright hues are not for you, you can always opt for classics. Think animal prints in leopard and zebra, natural tones and monochrome, for a seasonless look that never ever goes out of style.



Black Cashmere Swagger Cape


Leopard Print Cashmere Shawl

Hold on to your scarves for summer too!

It’s not just spring which loves a scarf, but summer too. After all, with summer comes chilly evenings spent sitting outside, summer weddings, air conditioning, and sun exposed shoulders which need covering up! No other accessories perform harder, season-to-season, than your trusty oversized scarves, snoods and capes – so be sure to stock for spring (and beyond!).