Home Comforts: How to Stay Warm When Working from Home
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Home Comforts: How to Stay Warm When Working from Home

Keep warm whilst staying at home without sacrificing style. We give you some top tips on warding off the chills if you're working from home or staying cosy indoors.

Home Comforts: How to Stay Warm When Working from Home

As the mercury plummets and the daylight dwindles, we often retreat into our homes. It's the snuggly season, and what's better than hot chocolate and a good book? But reality hits. And instead of dreaming of cuddling up by a fire, you might feel miserable while working on your laptop. Or be worrying about how your heating will affect the climate and your monthly bills. How can you stay warm when working from home? We round up some stylish suggestions to keep you cosy and chic all winter.


Cashmere Mittens


Keeping your hands warm is tricky when you're working from home. There's text to be typed and screens to be scrolled. Enter our Grey Cashmere Wrist Warmers. Luxuriously thick and extends past the wrist to keep you comfortable at the keyboard. A fingerless design keeps your digits free for every task, from to-do-list ticking to spreadsheet surfing.


Ladies Grey Cashmere Mittens


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Cashmere Neck Warmers


Refrain from reserving your scarves for outerwear. Our cashmere offerings are light enough to wear indoors without feeling stuffy but warm enough to keep you from reaching for the thermostat. That's the magic of cashmere, light but snuggly.
Out Black and Warm Grey Cashmere Snood is a two-in-one knitted snood. That means double the warmth. And, paired with a navy or grey jumper will blend in effortlessly - camouflaging as a cowl neck. Your video-conferencing colleagues will be none the wiser.


Black and Warm Grey Cashmere Snood


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For the gents, our Navy and Ivory Fleur de Lis Cashmere Neck Warmer is super dapper. And reversible, giving you two different looks. A Neck Warmer is the ideal alternative to a scarf when indoors. All the warmth but none of the bulk. One end slots neatly into the other for a snug and comfortable fit.


Navy and Ivory Fleur de Lis Cashmere Neck Warmer


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Toasty Toes


Often, we feel the cold in our extremities first. Indulging our feet with the warmth of cashmere will go a long way to helping you to feel warm all over.
Pull on some of our Barely Pink Cashmere Bed Socks. These socks are designed with a fold-over cuff which you can pull up for extra warmth. These socks are not exclusively for bedtime. You can pad around in this comfortable footwear for a cosy day indoors or when your feet are firmly tucked underneath a desk.


Barely Pink Cashmere Bed Socks


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Reach for the Bottle


No, not that bottle. Your hot water bottle. These little winter warmers are having somewhat of a renaissance. We have rising energy bills and concerns about climate change to thank for that. What better way to dress it up than in a 100% Cashmere Water Bottle Cover? Gorgeous cable knit design and the dependable softness and warmth of cashmere. We promise you will feel warmer just looking at it.


Grey Cashmere Water Bottle Cover


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With these home comforts, you can keep warm all winter long without sacrificing style. If you are heading out, it's best to wrap up. Check out our recent guide to cashmere hats.

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