3 Ways To Wear A Cashmere Snood
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3 Ways To Wear A Cashmere Snood

The snood, sometimes known as an infinity scarf, is one of our favourite winter staples. This Autumn and Winter make this simple accessory shine with 3 easy ways to wear 


3 Ways To Wear A Cashmere Snood

The snood, sometimes known as an infinity scarf, is one of our favourite winter staples. Easy to throw on when the temperature drops and the perfect way to stay stylish and cosy throughout the long autumn and winter months. It’s the snood’s perfect balance of beauty and function that makes it one of our top cold-weather accessories and we can’t wait to start showing off our most-coveted designs for 2021.
But a well-worn snood can do more than keep us wrapped and warm, it can lift our look from everyday to extraordinary with just a few well-placed twists. We have brought together 3 of our favourite ways to wear a cashmere snood below, helping you to stay ahead of the style pack this season.   


1. Long and Single

The easiest and perhaps most elegant way to wear a snood, is as one long loop. It’s a clean and symmetrical look that is often passed over for more complex twists. But simplicity can often be incredibly beautiful, and this look allows you to show off the unique colour, texture or pattern of a much-loved accessory. This style works well over a simple, well-cut tee or sweater. Add in a single gold or silver chain to mirror the shape of your snood and create layers of interest for your look. We love to wear our Navy and Grey Oversized Cashmere Snood as a single, elegant loop, adding a little wow to an easy daytime look. 



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2. Double Wrapped

For the coldest days, choose to double wrap your snood to keep out the chill and add interest to your everyday style. This is a distinctive look that can overpower an outfit with complex shapes or patterns, so keep your base look simple and chic to let your neckwear do the talking. Snoods with contrasting patterns, colours or textures look great double wrapped, so look for eye-catching designs that will add a pop of brightness to your winter wardrobe. We think our black cashmere & satin snood is an ideal choice for double wrapped style, with contrasting fabrics turning heads for all the right reasons.



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3. Layered with Outerwear 

Draping an elegant snood over your favourite outerwear adds a layer of luxurious texture to your look. Snoods also tend to stay in place more reliably than scarves, meaning you won’t be adjusting your look all day long. Layer contrasting textures and weaves to create a sumptuous multi-tonal look that makes an impact without ever trying too hard. We have fallen hard for our Double Size Burgundy Cashmere Snood which combines two of our favourite materials for an intensely elegant finish. Pair it with chunky wools and finely-weaved knits for a deliciously deep signature style this autumn and winter. 



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