Men's Wedding Style Part 1 | How To Wear a Lounge Suit
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Men's Wedding Style Part 1 | How To Wear a Lounge Suit

Find out the dos and don'ts of wearing a lounge suit for a wedding and how to accessorise your look in the 1st of our 3 part wedding style guide for men.

Men's Wedding Style Part 1 | How To Wear a Lounge Suit

Men’s wedding style can be a complicated affair. The rules change depending on the season, location and even the time of day. Our three-part guide will help you get a handle on just what to wear and when. For a city wedding, taking place in the daytime, a lounge suit should be your go to look. The invitation could specify ‘Lounge Suits for Men’ or ‘Semi-Formal’ either way, it means a standard modern two or three-piece suit. It’s a more relaxed approach than a morning suit or a black tie affair and comes with lots of flexibility to personalise your look on the day. Read on for more advice on how to wear a lounge suit with style at a wedding.


1. Don’t Choose Office Style

One of the biggest mistakes men make when it comes to lounge suits is bringing their corporate style into the social sphere. It’s easy to do, you probably spend your working life in a suit and transferring that style over to a wedding event probably feels very natural. You don’t want to turn up looking like you’re on the way to a meeting, it will feel uncomfortably out of step with the tone of the day. Differentiate your lounge suit from your office wear by choosing fabrics that are lighter in texture and colour while going bold with accessories. Bright blue is a great colour for a summer wedding and a simple grey check also feels light and social.


The Bold Blue Suit



Cetona Blue Polka Dot Silk & Wool Tie


Claret, Cream and Blue Printed Linen Pocket Square

Claret, Cream & Blue Linen Pocket Square

The Grey Check Suit



Seborga Black Polka Dot Knitted Silk Tie

Seborga Black Polka Dot Silk Knit Tie


‘The Right Direction’ Italian Silk Pocket Square

'The Right Direction' Compass Print Silk Pocket Square


2. Use Accessories to Stand Out

With accessories at a wedding, you want to provide a glimpse into your personality without ever overshadowing the wedding party. Pocket squares and lapel pins always add a sartorial edge to your wedding look while a bold tie can give your suit an added edge. Don’t forget to tie in the small details like cufflinks, socks and your belt to your overall look. For shoes with a lounge suit, it is best to go simple with classic oxfords making the perfect choice for a wedding.

3. Lounge Suit Style Rules

Your suit should always be clean, well pressed and paired with a simple fresh shirt. For most weddings, a tie should be worn and bow ties should be avoided altogether. The exceptions to this rule are beach weddings or very informal events where an open neck fits in with a wider relaxed theme. Dark coloured socks should match the suit and navy, blue and grey are all classic lounge suit colours. Break this rule in the summer when lighter coloured suits make this look fresh and easy. Trousers and suit jacket should always match and a waistcoat is a way to instantly make a lounge suit feel more formal. Try to stick to most of these style rules but don’t be afraid to make your look more personal by twisting the classic lounge suit rules.

Wear your lounge suit with style this summer and perfect your wedding look. Want to know more about men’s wedding fashion? Our three-part guide will examine the key wedding looks for men and how to wear them well. Part 2 will look at the traditional morning suit attire for weddings

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