Little Black Book: I Am Galla
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Little Black Book: I Am Galla

If you are looking for an impeccable example of great sartorial style, the Adam Gallagher's popular blog I AM GALLA is a wonderful place to start.

Little Black Book: I Am Galla

When it comes to men's fashion and style, it can feel like there are limited choices. This is why it is so important that we draw on others for inspiration. If you are looking for an impeccable example of great sartorial style, the Adam Gallagher's popular blog I AM GALLA is a wonderful place to start.

 “Gallagher stands out due to his exceptional ability to blend his native California aesthetic with a sharp New York approach to fashion.”

Gallagher's blog is brimming with inspiration, styling tips and trend forecasts. It's not just enviable style that Adam offers. From his NYC apartment makeover journey to comfort food ideas and some incredible travel stories; there is plenty to whet your appetite. There is even an informative grooming section which covers everything from which hairstyle will suit you to the art of shaving.

 Like many fashion bloggers, Gallagher features his daily outfits. Offering you a glimpse into his enviable lifestyle, as well as exhibiting the wearability of each look. There is no denying that his style would turn heads, but simply because he looks so good rather than it being over-the-top or theatrical.

As well as beautifully selected classic items and careful attention to colour palettes (which tend to be neutral), Gallagher has a real knack for picking sophisticated accessories that really pull an outfit together and add an air of finesse. He also always looks impeccable groomed with glowing skin, perfect hair and just the right amount of well-trimmed beard. These little details make masses of difference and really separate the men from the boys.

You can add a little touch of the Adam Gallagher magic to your own autumn style with a few beautiful and luxurious accessories:


The Cashmere Beanie

 The cashmere beanie is a lovely way to add a casual edge to an outfit but still maintaining your high-quality, sophisticated and stylish look. Adam wears his with a khaki green jacket, navy blue jeans (with slim turn-ups) and brown boots. Note how his sleeves are pushed back just the right amount and his sunglasses really finish off the look. Everything about this look says relaxed and easy-going. Create your own version of this look, using our Brown Cashmere Beanie Hat as a basis.


Photo Credit: I AM GALLA


Brown Cashmere Beanie Hat

Brown Cashmere Beanie



The Cashmere Scarf

Gallagher's look is all about luxury and quality, opting for high-quality accessories to really give his look a stylistic edge. A cashmere scarf is vital for the autumn and winter months as it provides warmth and comfort as well as looking fantastic. Adam's choice of a ribbed grey cashmere scarf, teamed with a black wool jacket, soft grey linen shirt and deep navy jeans is simple but flawless. This scarf is also beautifully versatile and will see him through the winter in a number of different variations. Recreate this look with our Grey Rib Knit Cashmere Scarf.


Photo Credit: I AM GALLA


mens grey rib knit cashmere scarf

Grey Rib Knit Cashmere Scarf



The Cashmere Tie

 Cashmere is the ideal choice for winter as it offers additional warmth and comfort, as well as looking luxurious and holding its shape well. Gallagher has chosen a main colour palette in shades of blue and grey which are brought to life by the carefully chosen accents that he has included such as his tan shoes, green leather satchel and stunning retro headphones. From the lining of his jacket, to its fine check pattern; from the stripes of his tie to the perfect trouser creases; this outfit is an excellent example of how paying attention to every detail can really transform an outfit. Create your own aversion of this outfit with our Green and Oatmeal Striped Cashmere Tie.


Photo Credit: I AM GALLA


Green and Oatmeal Striped Cashmere Tie

Green & Oatmeal Knitted Cashmere Tie

 So next time you throw on a pair of jeans with a jacket, think about how else you could wear that simple outfit. Would the jeans benefit from precise turn-ups? Should you push your jacket sleeves back? Would sunglasses and a beanie really finish off that look? Taking simple, basic but classic outfits and adding unique touches is a wonderful way to stand out from the crowd and to consistently put your best foot forward.

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