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Permanent Style is the most popular British site of its kind, exploring classic and luxury menswear in the most compelling way. It is the second largest website of its kind in the world, putting Simon Crompton as a leading authority in all things related to tailoring and men's style.

 When you delve into the website it is very clear to see why the site has found such success. With a succinct, intelligent and creative writing style, striking photos and an undeniable flair for style; this website is brimming with inspiration, information and a breathtaking aesthetic.

 Permanent Style focuses on timeless fashion and a taste for the finer things in life. As well as insights into Simon's own personal style (in eye-opening pieces such as 'Why I don't wear braces'), there are book reviews, interviews with tailors and there is even an invitation to a one-off event at Savile Row.

 Simon Crompton has not only the journalistic expertise and brilliance to create compelling articles and to really delve into interesting areas of fashion. He also has an absolute passion for luxury menswear and is immensely knowledgeable. The site revolves around the idea that the fit is the most important aspect of any garment, closely followed by colour.

 “Men's style is about weaves and lengths, about subtle ideas of proportion and balance. It is fascinating and interest in it can add great joy to one's life.”

The website also has a wonderful shop where you can cufflinks that Simon has designed in a collaboration with jeweller Diana Maynard, as well as some beautiful pique cotton polo shirts and the full range of Simon's books.

Simon also replies to all the comments on his site, providing further instruction and helping out where he can. This is a man who is not only an authority on men's style but he also looks the part too. He makes sharp tailoring feel accessible and achievable.

 To embrace this look for yourself you need to ensure that you pay attention to the fit of your clothes. Permanent Style is all about working with your figure to show yourself at your best. An approach that is often reserved for women, but is so essential in the world of menswear.

 A great example of how Simon uses the proportions of an item of clothing to suit his physique is explored in the fascinating post 'Chapal made-to-measure leather jacket, Paris' this is an honest and compelling piece that gives a beautifully well-rounded insight into this exquisite French label.

 Once you've ensured that your outfit is the perfect fit, then you need to take care with your accessories. Simon wears a navy blue cashmere beanie to add a casual feel and a practical edge to his soft grey wool coat.


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Navy Cashmere Beanie


Denim Blue Cable Knit Cashmere Beanie

Denim Blue Cable Knit Cashmere Beanie


This is an essential and versatile item that is ideal for the autumn and winter months. You can recreate this look with our Navy Cashmere Beanie Hat.

He wears his navy blue knitted silk tie with a pale blue shirt and dive grey suit for a look that is subtle yet refined. One of the most appealing aspects of Simon's work is that he has a fantastic eye for detail.





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Navy Blue Knitted Cashmere Tie


Finishing off his suits with the perfect patterned scarf and a carefully folded pocket square. Our superfine check cashmere scarves are exactly the sort of accessory that would work beautifully with Simon's taste for luxury and class.




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Blue and Black Check Cashmere Scarf

Every element of his look is considered and he obviously takes great joy in exploring his own sense of style. Simon's look exudes personality, class and just the right level of perfectionism.

You can explore his work at but be warned, this is content that needs to be savoured and once you delve in you'll find it hard to keep away.