Little Black Book: Wearing It Today
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Little Black Book: Wearing It Today

 Have you ever wondered how a stylist dressed? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to peek into their wardrobe and explore their fashion choices? Wearing It Today offers you that chance.

Little Black Book: Wearing It Today

Have you ever wondered how a stylist dressed? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to peek into their wardrobe and explore their fashion choices? Wearing It Today offers you that chance. Laura Fantacci is a wonderful stylist who freely admits that it is much easier to dress her clients than it is to dress herself each day.

With masses of experience, enthusiasm, a keen eye for detail and some incredible industry tips, Laura's is a voice that is worth listening to. Wrap all that up with lashings of passion and some stunning photography and you have Wearing It Today. A website that celebrates style at the same time as demystifying it.

The website is as easy to navigate around, as everything is beautifully categorised. Hover over 'outfits' and you are offered a list that encompasses evening, work, weekend, classics, denim and so much more. Laura shares her holiday and travel tips covering everything from why she chose specific destinations to how it suited her children, as well as exploring the local cuisine, accommodation and giving us a real taste for the culture.

In her beauty posts she gives us an honest overview of all manner of products. Her 'best red lipstick of all time' feature is eye-opening. She talks about her four favourite red lipsticks, talking about consistency, applications tips, why she adores each one and even pointing out the few negatives. The feature is accompanied by images of the product and a striking four-way image of her applying each shade.

 This is advice you can trust. There is a realism to the site that makes it hugely readable. You really grasp Laura's character, each post reads like a chat over coffee with a great friend (albeit an immensely stylish and clued up friend). This warm, friendly writing style and the striking aesthetic are a winning combination.

 The beauty of the site is that Laura's style is very achievable. She raves about her essential casual mum outfit (a good pair of jeans, a good quality grey jumper, a jacket that goes with everything, black ankle boots and a hands-free bag). Even when she wore a stunning Stella McCartney embroidered dress to a Tuscan wedding, she suggested some more affordable options that evoked the same style.

Laura knows when to embrace luxury - the 1970's coral Capucci dress was particularly breathtaking - she also knows how to wear casual without compromising on her style. As a stylist she appreciates the importance of paying attention to the details and she has a real gift for accessorising. She posts close-ups of the finer details of outfits, zoning in on pedicure colours and shoes and fully documenting her carefully chosen accessories.

 Laura manages to perfectly combine perfect style with comfort, a dash of luxury and her own personality. Her outfits are wearable, practical and flawless.

To inject a little dose of Wearing It Today into your own wardrobe you need to consider outfits as a whole, pay attention to the detail and ensure your accessories work beautifully with the rest of your outfit. You also need to maintain a sense of fun when it comes to your wardrobe, and way clothes that allow you to fully enjoy life.

To embrace Laura Fantacci's look, you will need:


Navy Cashmere Jumper


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Navy Cashmere Sleeved Poncho Sweater with Snood


Oversized Grey Cashmere Scarf



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Oversized Grey Cashmere Knit Scarf



Cashmere Coatigan



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Warm Grey Cashmere Coatigan



Black Cashmere Cape



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Black Cashmere Swagger Cape


You can explore Laura's site at:

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