Posted by Toby Logue

Italy’s reputation as one of the world’s premier producers of cashmere is built on centuries of textile experience and the delicate and professional handling of first class raw material. Coupled with the softness of the water used to treat the yarn in the mills of the northern Italian city of Biella in the Piedmont region, and with creative design flair, these skilled manufacturers produce beautiful, divinely soft cashmere garments.
Much of our Italian cashmere accessories are produced in Liguria by two small family run workshops based an hour’s drive from each other. Although both use the same cashmere yarn, these two producers, Dario and Alessandro, employ different manufacturing techniques.
Dario, whose production unit is based in a picturesque Riviera town, uses modern knitting and weaving techniques and machines to make our collections of cashmere slouch beanies, oversized cashmere scarves, cashmere snoods and cashmere ponchos.





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Triple Tone Grey and Taupe Cashmere Gloves

Triple Tone Grey & Taupe Cashmere Gloves
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Triple Toned Grey and Cream Patchwork Cashmere Poncho

Triple Tone Grey & Cream Patchwork Cashmere Poncho
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Navy, Brown and Grey Cashmere Scarf

Navy, Brown & Grey Cashmere Scarf
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Mid Grey Basket Weave Cashmere Beanie

Grey Basket Weave Cashmere Beanie
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In contrast Alessandro’s workshop houses hand operated shuttle looms based on a 15th century antique Belgian loom design. It is on these looms that our antique hand loom cashmere accessories are painstakingly made. These are operated by highly skilled craftsmen and women who attach each individual strand of cashmere to the needles and they programme the weave pattern manually. It is a long labour intensive procedure which results in exquisite finished products.