Introducing our New Collection of Pashmina Cashmere Ring Shawls
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Introducing our New Collection of Pashmina Cashmere Ring Shawls

Welcome to our exclusive new collection of pashmina cashmere shawls where timeless tradition meets matchless luxury in every stitch.

Introducing our New Collection of Pashmina Cashmere Ring Shawls


Welcome to our exclusive new collection of pashmina cashmere ring shawls where timeless tradition meets matchless luxury in every stitch.


We are delighted to present this new and original collection of these exquisite, peerless works of art; each shawl a masterpiece. Crafted with the utmost care and precision these lovingly created hand spun, hand woven pashmina cashmere shawls are authentic, unique and a testament to the rich heritage of Kashmiri craftsmanship. They are precious investment pieces which, with care, can be cherished heirlooms.


Brown Leopard Print Pashmina Cashmere Shawl


Each shawl is meticulously crafted by skilled Kashmiri artisans using traditional techniques passed down from generation to generation. Using only the finest quality pashmina cashmere, sourced from the Changthangi goat in the high-altitude regions of the Himalayas, every shawl exudes unparalleled softness and warmth. Indulge in the pure luxury of owning one of these exquisite shawls and wrap yourself in the unrivalled beauty of a hand spun and hand woven Kashmiri pashmina shawl.




Our new collection, a long time in the making, has sought to combine contemporary shawl designs with traditional spinning and weaving techniques creating finished pieces which are relevant and timeless. The harmony of the old and the new has inspired this curated collection which we hope you will love.


Chocolate and Hazelnut Houndstooth Cashmere Shawl


Houndstooth Cashmere Ring Shawl >>>


What is Pashmina


The word pashmina comes from the Persian pashm which means wool. The term ‘pashmina’ means the type of very fine cashmere wool from which it is made. Authentic pashmina wool is gathered from the Changthangi goat high up in the Himalayan region of Kashmir. Pashmina is renowned for its softness and warmth making it highly prized for making top quality shawls.



Pashmina Wool Gathering


Pashmina wool is gathered by combing the very soft undercoat of the goat during the springtime moulting season when the goats shed their winter coats. This is a natural shedding process unlike shearing. Skilled herdsmen use fine-toothed combs to separate the soft undercoat from the coarser hair. No harm is done to the goats and responsible herders ensure their well-being so that this precious natural resource is preserved for future generations



Sorting, Cleaning and Storing the Best Quality Pashmina Wool


After gathering the wool is sorted meticulously to remove coarse hairs, dirt and any impurities. This is an essential process to ensure the purity and quality of the fibres. The selected fibres are thoroughly cleaned to remove any remaining impurities.


Often this is done using gentle natural detergent and rinsing several times in clean water to maintain softness. The pashmina wool is stored carefully in a cool dry environment to prevent damage and to maintain its quality.


Classic Black Cashmere Shawl


Classic Black Cashmere Ring Shawl >>>

Hand Spinning


The fibres are fluffed to remove tangling to prepare them for spinning. This process is known as carding. Traditional pashmina spinning in Kashmir is done by hand using a Yender, a traditional spinning wheel specific to Kashmir for spinning fine pashmina yarn.
The Yender has been used by Kashmiri artisans for generations. It consists of a spinning wheel, a spindle and a distaff. The spinner draws out and twists the fibres using the spindle and spinning wheel creating fine yarn of consistent quality for weaving the pashmina shawls.



Hand Weaving


The hand spun pashmina yarn is loaded on to a tradition handloom which has been set up with a selected design pattern. Different weaving techniques are used to create textures and patterns to enhance the beauty of the finished shawl.
Examples are Plain Weave; Twill Weave which creates a diagonal pattern; Diamond Weave which creates a geometric pattern resembling diamonds; Bird’s Eye Weave resembling the eye of a bird; Herringbone Weave which creates a bold pattern.


More elaborate techniques include Jamawar Weave creating intricate and elaborate patterns; Kani Weave which is a traditional Kashmiri technique using small wooden sticks to create intricate patterns; Buti Weave involves weaving floral patterns into the fabric, and Jaal which results in a finely woven net like pattern. The weaving skills of the Kashmiri artisans are remarkable with some of our new shawls  combining several techniques




The finished fabric is washed and softened to enhance its texture and feel. Any loose threads are trimmed before the shawl is given its final quality check. The shawl is then ready to be worn or to be hand embroidered.


Shades of Grey Cashmere Ring Shawl


Shades of Grey Cashmere Ring Shawl >>>


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Hand Embroidered Pashmina Shawls- Creative Masterpieces


A Kashmiri hand embroidered pashmina shawl is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and artistry. The intricate embroidery adorning these shawls tells a story of tradition and artistry, with motifs inspired by Kashmiri culture and nature’s beauty. Each stitch is a labour of love as the artisans create mesmerising patterns that reflect Kashmiri heritage. From intricate florals and paisleys to geometric patterns each shawl tells its own story of beauty and craftsmanship adding that special something to these timeless pieces. These shawls are an integral part of Kashmiri culture and heritage.
The art of hand embroidery has been passed down through generations. The attention to detail that goes into making these shawls is exceptional and the patience and concentration needed by the embroiderers is superlative when one considers that one shawl can take up to two years to complete. The artisan first creates a design on paper as a guide. The pashmina fabric is stretched on a wooden frame to provide a stable surface; the design is traced onto the fabric using chalk or washable ink; using specialised needles the meticulous stitching begins following the traced pattern taking great care not to damage the delicate pashmina.
Aari embroidery is used to create ornate flora, paisley and geometric patterns using a hooked needle. The intricate stitching adds a rich texture. Sozni is a delicate and fine needlework technique creating elaborate patterns in fine silk threads. Chain stitch, satin stitch and running stitch are used to create elaborate patterns. Tilla or Zari embroidery uses metallic threads such as gold and silver to create rich and shimmering embellishment.



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Our Support for Kashmir.


We have supported Kashmiri artisans and their traditional craft since the birth of our company in 2006. The sale of our pashmina shawls helps to provide a stable source of income for the artisans helping them to support their families and in doing so helping to sustain the continuation of this important traditional craft which is an integral part of Kashmiri culture and heritage and which has come under threat from cheaper machine-made products which often masquerade as pashmina shawls.
Supporting this craft also helps to empower women economically and socially as they develop their hand weaving skills and become more financially independent. Also traditional pashmina weaving uses sustainable and environmentally friendly practices which contribute to environmental conservation in the beautiful Kashmir region. This in turn encourages tourism which exposes more people to the unique beauty of the Kashmiri Pashmina Shawl.

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