Posted by Toby Logue

You can tell a lot about a man from his choice in suit. Not just the way it is tailored; not only the choice of cut, fabric or colour; not simply the way that just enough cuff sits on this shoes. It's the little adornments that make the suit. Attention to detail can be very expressive. A nice tie should be a given with a formal suit, but when it comes to pocket squares they can add style, personality and charisma.

A pocket square worn with an open-necked shirt can add style to a classic casual look. From the traditional to the contemporary, the vibrant to the refined, our collection of printed pocket squares are the ideal way to add a little character to both formal and casual wear.



The Stromboli Paisley Print Linen Pocket Square features the perfect summer colour palette of cornflower blue, cream, biscuit and navy in a timeless paisley design. Made in Italy from 100% linen this is a sophisticated accessory that will add a subtle touch of interest to any suit.


Stromboli Paisley Print Linen Pocket Square


Stromboli Paisley Print Linen Pocket Square


The Fold - The linen gives this pocket square more structure than the silk versions, meaning you can be a little more creative with your folding. This pocket square is ideal for the three-point fold.

The Jacket - The ideal jacket choice to accompany this pocket square would be something in a deep inky blue that echoes the tones of the pocket square design. Add a light blue, cream or fawn shirt and suitable tie to complete the look.

Accessorise with - a necktie that reflects the colour palette of the pocket square such as the Conza stripe linen tie



The Fortuna Silk Pocket Square is a luxurious silk pocket square is realised in opulent jewel shades of emerald, sapphire and aquamarine. Handmade in Italy from 100% silk with beautiful hand rolled edges. This piece adds rich colour and sophistication to the dress suit.


Fortuna Silk Pocket Square


Fortuna Silk Pocket Square


The Fold - The uniform pattern and delightful softness of the fabric mean that the puff fold is a lovely way to wear this pocket square.

The Jacket - Opt for something tailored and suave in a deep shade of rich blue or a fine pinstripe in navy or grey.

Accessorise with - shades of navy such as the Bolsena Italian Knitted Silk Tie.



The Patchwork Print Silk Pocket Square has a jaunty air which adds character to formal wear and personality to casual attire. This unusual 100 % silk Italian handkerchief has a pleasing blue colour palette that makes it highly wearable.


Patchwork Print Silk Pocket Square


Patchwork Print Silk Pocket Square


The Fold - The best way to display each of the different patterns that feature on this charming pocket square is by using a fold such as the four-point/Cagney fold.

The Jacket - Opt for a plain jacket in deep blue or charcoal grey.

Accessorise with - something within the same colour palette (of vibrant blues) but with its own understated pattern to unite the look. A silk tie such as the Como Blue and White Houndstooth Silk Tie or Adelfia Navy and White Polka Dot Silk Tie is the ideal choice. Otherwise you might like to team this playful pocket square with a cashmere tie such as the Two Tone Blue Check Wool Tie.



There is a real sense of artistic flair to the Neptune Italian Silk Pocket Square. The abstract marine design and rich colour choices mean that this 100% silk pocket square has a great deal of charm.


Neptune Italian Silk Pocket Square


Neptune Italian Silk Pocket Square


The Fold - The best way to exhibit the beauty of this exquisite pocket square is to keep the fold simple and allow plenty of the fabric to be on display. The best folds for this are the one-point or two-point folds.

The Jacket - Ideal to add a splash of colour to a plain jacket in any shade of blue or plum. Also looks striking when worn with a white or cream linen jacket, perfect for the summer months.

Accessorise with - a silk scarf such as the White Double Faced Silk Satin Scarf with Hand Knotted Tassels and perhaps a fedora or panama hat.



The Feronia Italian Silk Pocket Square adds a fiery warmth to any wardrobe with its flame red, russet and ultramarine tones and subtle dashes of emerald green. A striking design that features floral motifs and paisley patterns, this hand rolled 100% silk handkerchief is hand made in Italy. It has a traditional air that is achingly sophisticated.


Feronia Italian Silk Pocket Square



Feronia Italian Silk Pocket Square


The Fold - To really highlight the beautiful tones and patterns that make up this accessory, a fold such as the winged puff fold or scallop fold is advised.

The Jacket - This pocket square is ideal for a jacket in shades of navy, chocolate brown or black. Ideally, opt for something with a classic or vintage twist. A little tweed and elbow patches could add a certain charm too.

Accessorise with - a plain navy tie in sumptuous silk or something with a paisley theme and similar tones such as the Genola Italian Paisley Silk Tie or Capriana Italian Silk Tie.

Pocket squares are the ideal way to add flair and originality to a simple suit or shirt and jacket combination. With the wedding season firmly upon us and the packed social calender that the warmer months bring, it's the ideal time to express yourself in silk.