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A new season brings with it a new approach to dressing, not just in terms of layering, but in terms of colour. This season is no different, with the mood shifting to adjust to darker mornings and cooler nights. It’s not all doom and gloom though, autumn offers some something spectacular in terms of colour and the fashion world is soaking it all in. Expect colours that reflect the leaves in all their red and crispy tones, and deep earthiness that emits a feeling of snugness as we flow into a colder season. Here is how to embrace the transition in terms of colours and key pieces:




Wines are rich, warm, winter colours. They are colours that are only befitting of the winter season and are wonderfully indulgent in satins, silks and luxe fabrics like cashmere. We love wine shades because they are instantly indulgent, almost emitting heat but, in case you are confused by the name, let us explain. Wines can be called maroon, or reddish-purple, claret, burgundy- either way, it’s that sultry shade has been taking the fashion world by storm.


Here are our three key pieces for the season:


Burgundy Cashmere Snood

Oversize Burgundy Cashmere Snood

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A cosy way to bring some colour and wardrobe to your wardrobe. Whether you are still transitioning into a colder season, or very much in the throws – this snood looks great with a leather biker, mac or full on winter wool coat.


Burgundy Cashmere Beanie


Burgundy Rib Knit Cashmere Beanie

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When the chill sets in, make sure your fashion game steps up with this luxe burgundy rib knit cashmere beanie.


Bordeaux Cashmere Wrist Warmers


Burgundy Cashmere Wrist Warmers

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Layering is a fundamental part of winter, and these wrist options let you do your duty fashion in the best possible way.



Soft russet has only recently made a new appearance this season, given its potential as a great neutral backdrop. Is it orange, is it brown? The jury is still out on this wonderfully golden hue that Pantone are backing as one of the key players for autumn/winter 2018. What makes russet so coveted, we believe, is ts versatility to stay light and cool on cashmere fabrics and offer deep warmth and coziness in knits.

Here are our three key pieces for the season:


Russet Cashmere Beanie


Russet Chunky Rib Knit Cashmere Beanie

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Stay snug and pay homage to a new seasonal colour that’s perfect to combine with anything your wardrobe can throw at it.


Himalayan Cashmere & Wool Scarf


Shimla Himalayan Cashmere and Wool Scarf

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Wonderfully handcrafted with care, this scarf offers a type of luxury that will serve you for years. 


Rust & Brown Striped Italian Cashmere Scarf


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Soft and light for those warmer moments that still crop up in autumn, this scarf will see you through the whole season (and beyond).



Olive hues are there to balance out your wardrobe, provide the right happy balance against this season’s playful animal prints and the richness of russets and wines. After all, what is a wardrobe without a staple neutral? What makes these accessories so special is their timeless appeal to blend with any take on winter.


Here are our three key pieces for the season:


Olive Green Cashmere Slouch Beanie

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Perfectly created to be unassuming yet snug. This beanie has been known to win over those who claim they ‘don’t do hats’


Olive Geeen and Taupe Cashmere Snood


Olive Green and Taupe Cashmere Snood

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Stay cosy in this snood which is designed to be worn snuggly or loosely, depending on the weather. 


Oversized Military Green Cashmere Scarf


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Invest in this now and we guarantee it will see you right through to warmer pastures.


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