Spotlight on Production: Italian Merino Wool and Silk
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Spotlight on Production: Italian Merino Wool and Silk

We share a behind the scenes view of our very special production process for merino wool and silk accessories for men made in Italy

Spotlight on Production: Italian Merino Wool and Silk

Merino Wool and silk are two of the most luxurious fabrics you will ever wear. Merino Wool comes from one of the world’s most ancient breeds of sheep and is renowned for being light, warm, and comfortable. It is highly sought after in both high-performance outdoor wear and luxury fashion items.

Silk has been prized for millennia as a very special fabric that was once the preserve of Emperors and Kings. Originally contained in China, it took the opening of the trade routes across Europe to spread it around the world. It still enjoys a level of prestige and rarity that makes it ever popular in designer fashion. We use both fabrics throughout our collection to create beautiful, lovingly crafted pieces of supreme quality.

We share a behind the scenes view of our very special production process below.

Our fabric

We source our Merino Wool and silk products from the weaving mills and print shops of Como in Italy. Como has famously been producing silk since the middle ages when an abundance of water and the required food of the silkworm (Mulberry Leaves) ensured that the industry boomed. This area has been renowned for silk printing and jacquard weaving for centuries, producing truly exceptional fabric that go into some of the world’s top design houses.



We then work closely with a 3rd generation family business based just outside of Florence to create our bespoke designs. Based on the banks of the River Arno, in the heart of Chianti, Tuscany, our printed ties, scarves, and pocket squares are produced in a traditional workshop.


Hand cutting and detailing is an essential part of the process and ensures our designs stand apart from mass produced, machine created accessories. Italian craftsmanship in clothing and accessory production is renowned the world over for its precision and quality. 



Hand Crafted with Love

Our printed fabrics are measured and cut by hand. For our ties, this means fabric and linings are laid out and cut using only a rotary cutter and the exceptional skill of our artisan craftsmen and women. The fabric and lining are then hand stitched to create the finished tie.



Scarves and pocket squares are produced using a ruler and sharp scissors to create the desired design then finished with hand stitching and, on some designs, handmade fringing. We ensure every aspect of each luxury product is created with the utmost care and attention to detail.


Quality Matters

We know every aspect of our production process directly affects the end quality of the items that we produce. That’s why we work closely with our suppliers and manufacturers, choosing only the finest materials and the most experienced craftsmen to create our designs. This means, when you buy one of our accessories, you can be sure it has been produced with the utmost care and love. You can feel and see the difference between our accessories and inferior designs. You deserve amazing quality - choose Black for your next accessory buy.


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