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Paisley is a menswear staple with a long and interesting history. The term paisley is an English name for the Buta – a droplet motif popular in decoration throughout the Persian empire. In the 17th century, as the East India Company began to import large amounts of goods to the west, the Buta became a popular design element in a wide range of textiles. The name paisley, in fact, comes from a small town in west Scotland where Buta designs began to be produced in the 1800s.

Over time the unique design became associated with menswear and enjoyed a particular resurgence in the 60s and 70s when psychedelic culture helped to bring paisley back into the mainstream.

Today the paisley print is often found on ties, scarves and even waistcoats. Its close ties with traditional menswear offering a safe and stylish way for men to experiment with pattern and colour.

Here at Black, we are obsessed with the diverse design potential of this timeless print. Explore some of our favourite paisley pieces, below.


Italian Wool Paisley Scarf

The black backdrop of the Patria Italian Wool and Cotton Paisley Scarf adds drama to this luxe accessory which is adorned with small beige paisley motifs. Handmade in Italy, the exceptionally soft wool cotton blend also makes it incredibly comfortable and warm. Wear it on casual days to add a focal point to a relaxed outfit.



Patria Italian Wool and Cotton Paisley Scarf

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Black and Burgundy Italian Silk Scarf

A classic paisley silk scarf is the height of sartorial style. The Monate Black and Burgundy Italian Silk Scarf combines a soft burgundy colour scheme with silk for a decadent finish. Partner it with black tie for easy elegance or with business or casual attire for a splash of colour and texture. Silk looks fantastic partnered with contrasting textures like flannel or tweed so try styling this with a casual blazer and simple cotton shirt.



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Monochrome Paisley Silk Scarf

 Monochrome helps this paisley scarf stand out from the crowd. Handmade in Italy, the Delio Grey and Black Paisley Italian Silk Scarf is urbane, masculine and a must have for your accessories collection. Keep your outfit simple and neutral to stay sharp in this distinctive design. This scarf also looks incredible draped over a formal, well-tailored dinner jacket.



Delio Grey and Black Paisley Italian Silk Scarf

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Brown Cashmere and Silk Scarf

Opulent, decadent and bold this Isero Cashmere and Silk Double Faced Scarf is the ultimate indulgence for your wardrobe. Lined with super soft cashmere and handcrafted in luxurious silk, this scarf is warm, delicate and stylish. The paisley print here is large and loud, while the brown colour palette looks amazing with navy tones. Dress up jeans and a blazer with this amazing scarf.



Isero Cashmere and Silk Double Faced Scarf

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Paisley works with a wide range of casual and formal looks and every fashion-forward man should have a piece in his collection. Paisley is a timeless look that will never go out of style.

Explore Black today and find handcrafted paisley scarfs, ties, and accessories to add impact to your wardrobe.