Why Wear A Cashmere Tie?
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Why Wear A Cashmere Tie?

Cashmere has always been associated with luxury and class. It is one of the most sophisticated fabrics there is; but why would you wear a cashmere tie?

Why Wear A Cashmere Tie?

As well as feeling fabulous, cashmere has a distinct look that portrays an air of sophistication. Cashmere has a high micron count meaning that it is formed of many tiny micro fibres which give it a very unique texture. It has a subtle shimmer that reflects a sense of class and will certainly draw attention.

We chose to include cashmere in our Autumn/Winter collection because it is wonderful for keeping you warm. A cashmere tie is the perfect way to keep your neck warm without having to bundle up against the cold whilst ensuring a sartorial edge to your outfit.

Cashmere has a timeless classic quality that means it will always be in style and it lasts beautifully. That being said, this season is the ideal time to invest in some cashmere as several of the top designers featured luxurious cashmere in their AW15 shows. Ralph Lauren and Paul Smith both exhibited beautiful cashmere elements.

For the Black's AW collection we have created a series of cashmere ties made from Scottish and Italian cashmere. The range includes plain designs in black, grey and navy as well as herringbone and check patterns.


Men's Navy Blue Knitted Cashmere Tie

Navy Blue Cashmere Tie


Men's Blue and White Textured Cashmere Tie

Navy and White Interwoven Cashmere Tie


Black Knitted Cashmere Tie for Men

Black Cashmere Tie


A cashmere tie can be incredibly versatile. You do not need to save it for formal events. Cashmere ties look fantastic for weddings, work and off duty occasions.

For a wedding why not pick a cashmere tie in a herringbone or check design, to add personality and sophistication to your suit? Check patterns are immensely fashionable right now and look good on anyone. For winter weddings, cashmere is the only tie option that you should consider.

So much time is spent outside taking photos and waiting for the bridal party, cashmere means that you can keep warm while still staying smart. Wear with one of our cashmere scarves to finish off the look.

For work why not opt for a black or navy tie? Black cashmere looks great with a charcoal grey or black suit. Wear with a green shirt for extra style points. Emerald green looks striking and exerts an air of confidence while a pale green will look smart and sophisticated. A navy cashmere tie works best with a navy suit, wear with a pale blue shirt and one of our belts, such as our Navy Blue Textured Leather Belt.

For an off duty look consider a grey cashmere tie, wear it with a charcoal grey shirt and navy jeans or a white shirt and sand-coloured chinos. A mismatched blazer adds a laid back feel to the look. Consider finishing the look with a jaunty hat such as our Herringbone Cashmere Flat Cap.

So before you buy your next necktie, consider the cashmere option. Once you've enjoyed the sumptuous luxury of the softest cashmere, you won't want to wear anything else.


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