A Blogger Wears Black: Wilton Cashmere Scarf
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A Blogger Wears Black: Wilton Cashmere Scarf

Last week France's leading menswear blog, Comme Un Camion featured our best selling Wilton cashmere scarf. See our review here.

A Blogger Wears Black: Wilton Cashmere Scarf

It was an honour to have our Wilton Cashmere Scarf feature on France's leading menswear blog recently. Comme un Camion is an all encompassing style website with a host of compelling pieces from Paris Fashion Week reviews to a highly comprehensive lingerie guide for men, from Valentine's gift ideas to cosmetic product reviews; this is a style guide that spills over into lifestyle.

The name of the site comes from the French expression 'beau comme un camion neuf' which vaguely translates to 'as  beautiful as a new truck' and is used by men as a compliment to other men to express that they admire how they dress or that they look sharp. The tone of the website combines fashion insight and hard facts with a gentle friendly tone that makes it highly readable and entertaining.

As well as discussing some of the background of our brand, Comme un Camion also spoke about the design elements of the scarf as well as the luxurious production techniques. They were very taken with the design of the scarf as well as the way it was presented. 




Wilton Navy & Grey Tweed Cashmere Scarf



Our Signature Black Cotton Pouches


They also liked the softness of the cashmere and were impressed with the overall product. They go on to say that the scarf is a worthy investment and that the scarf is timeless in its sense of style and the addition of cashmere is very welcome, yet there is also a sense of originality and personality in the geometric design.

In the feature, their new customer service assistant, Rudolph, models the scarf. Opting for an outfit that complemented the soft greys and cool blues of the scarf to perfection. Rudolph wore faded grey/navy jeans and a pale denim shirt with a grey/blue blazer. This combination of smart/casual matches the versatility of the scarf beautifully. The scarf looks flawless with a sharp tailored suit but also adds flair and panache to any casual outfit. By combining the softness of the denim with the sharp cut of the suit, Rudolph exhibits a style that displays a sense of style and sophistication while not looking overly dressed.




Rudolph styling the scarf as part of a neutral outfit



 Carrying the soft blue tones of the scarf through the rest of the outfit makes for a united look that is effortless in its aesthetic yet looks very well put together. Opting for a specific colour palette is a wonderful way to create a strong first impression in an understated way.

A single accessory is a great way to tie an outfit together and to add a little sense of style to what may otherwise be a very straightforward outfit. Jeans, a shirt and a blazer are a standard look for men but it is the addition of a well-suited accessory that makes a style like Rudolph's that more suave and coveted. We offer plenty of scarves that sport a number of shades that are perfect for exploring in your outfit.

Our Navy to Grey Graduation Cashmere Scarf looks fantastic with either a charcoal grey suit and midnight blue shirt or black chinos, a charcoal grey shirt and a navy blazer. Our Soft Grey and Ivory Interwoven Cashmere Scarf looks great accompanied by shades of grey and ivory, while a more vibrant palette of camel and cobalt can be explored alongside our Brown Check and Blue Reversible Cashmere Scarf.

A cashmere scarf will last years and offers a beautiful softness and touch of luxury while also serving the practical purpose of keeping you warm. Finding new ways to wear a simple cashmere scarf means that you will get even more wear out of it. Whether you carry the colour palette of your cashmere scarf through the rest of your outfit, like Rudolph did or use your scarf to add a dash of colour to a more muted colour scheme; a cashmere scarf such as the Wilton is an accessory that will last for many years and can be worn with great versatility. 

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