Cashmere Connoissuers: Part II
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Cashmere Connoissuers: Part II

Earlier this month we featured part one in our two part series of Cashmere Connoisseurs. Today we'll take a look at six more chic women with whom we had the pleasure of collaborating last year.

Cashmere Connoissuers: Part II

Earlier this month we featured part one in our two part series of Cashmere Connoisseurs which showcased six of our favourite looks from some of the most stylish women wearing our cashmere accessories. Today we'll take a look at six more chic women with whom we had the pleasure of collaborating last year.



 Susan Blakey @Susan_UneFemme


Susan’s blog and Instagram takes a positive attitude towards style and age and highlights the wisdom, experience, and elegance she has learnt. She hopes to help women be their best selves at any age and encourages them to express themselves through their own sense of style. She loves style, Paris, coffee, leopard print (as you’ll see below), history, travel, jazz, cute and comfortable shoes, and the perfect shade of red lipstick.
Last autumn we collaborated with Susan and London based colour and style consultants Red Leopard to create a collection of 12 cashmere and silk wraps in block colours and ombre shades using specific tones designed to compliment the natural colourings of the wearer. Here Susan is wearing our shaded coral cashmere and silk wrap which enhances her natural skin and hair palettes.



Shaded Coral Cashmere and Silk Wrap


Shaded Coral Cashmere & Silk Wrap



Helen @Simpson.House


We’ve been working with Helen for the last two years to create lifestyle content featuring our cashmere scarves, gloves and hats which have given us and our customers plenty of inspiration. Helen lives in Shropshire, which serves as the perfect countryside backdrop to her fantastic style pictures.


Her styles is classic, ageless and timeless which reflects her attitude and personality and changes according to her mood which gives her confidence. 



Greys and Ivory Patchwork Cashmere Scarf


Grey & Ivory Patchwork Cashmere Scarf



Manina Weldon @RedLeopard


Manina is one half of the creative force behind Red Leopard, a London based colour and style consultancy. We have had the pleasure of working with her over the past decade. She shares our passion for style, luxurious fabrics and scarves which were brought to life in our seasonal palette collaboration last autumn.


The collection was designed to reflect Red Leopard's concept of seasonal colour palettes. Each wrap was specially designed to flatter the natural colouring of the wearer. The wraps were crafted from an ethereal blend of the smoothest silk and the softest cashmere. Manina who is suited to Winter is wearing our Razmatazz Pink Shaded cashmere & silk wrap from the Winter Palette collection.



Razmatazz Pink Shaded Cashmere and Silk Wrap


Razmatazz Pink Shaded Cashmere & Silk Wrap



Jennifer Connolly @AWellStyledLife


Jennifer is a retired personal stylist and image consultant who has a passion to help women dress with confidence. She believes it should be a joy to get dressed but after 50, too many women find it a challenge with modern fashion seemingly aimed at the young and it can be hard to find what works for your body and lifestyle.
She started her blog and Instagram to help women navigate current fashion and understand how to make it work for them by providing actionable tips and style advice so women over 50 can embrace midlife knowing they'll look their best.



PRE ORDER - Black Leopard Print Cashmere and Silk Scarf


Black Leopard Print Cashmere & Silk Scarf



 Kerstin @Modestil_50


Kerstin a German style and beauty blogger from Munich and posts daily outfit inspiration on her Instagram which gives her follows actionable advice on how to stay stylish after 50. 


Her outfits are a combination of vivid bright colours matched with complimentary neutrals which highlight why you can and should wear brights after 50 which can be tempered by neutral accessories.



Classic Ivory Cashmere and Silk Wrap


Ivory Cashmere & Silk Wrap



Tarra Rosenbaum @TarraRosenbaum


Tarra is a London based Jewellery designer creating exclusive pieces for a discerning clientele, drawing inspiration from nature and its perennial bounty. All her pieces are handcrafted, making them one-of-a-kind creations or limited editions. The collections are predominantly in gold, sterling silver, and gold vermeil with accents of diamonds, pearls, and semi-precious gems.
We met Tarra last autumn as part of our collaboration which Red Leopard and she fell in love with our cashmere and silk wraps almost as much as we fell in love with her jewellery and timeless elegance. Tarra is pictured here wearing our lilac to lavender cashmere and silk wrap.



Lilac to Lavender Shaded Cashmere and Silk Wrap


Lilac to Lavender Cashmere & Silk Wrap


That concludes the second installment in our two part series of Cashmere Connoisseurs. If you missed Part I, you can read the full feature here

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