Colour Your Life: Understand Your Colours - The Winter Palette
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Colour Your Life: Understand Your Colours - The Winter Palette

Discover your seasonal colour palette and choose accessories to enhance your natural radiance. Find your Colour Season and understand what to opt for if you are a Winter Palette.

Colour Your Life: Understand Your Colours - The Winter Palette

Online shopping gives us more choices when buying clothes and accessories than ever before. When we find an item we like, ordering one in every shade can be tempting. But not all colours are created equal, and if we go for the wrong shade, we can look drained, tired, or even ill. Has a well-meaning friend has ever asked if you're under the weather, but you feel fine and dandy? You were likely wearing the wrong hue for you.


Welcome to our series ‘Understand Your Colours’, which is all about colour seasons. This theory helps us understand how the colours in our hair, skin, and eyes interact and which hues would look best on us. Unlocking our best colours can help us choose the clothing that helps us improve our overall looks, harmonises with our natural colouring, and creates a cohesive appearance.



What is Colour Season Theory?


Colour Seasons is an idea that we use to determine the most pleasing hues for skin tone, eye colour, and hair colour. People fall into four seasons based on these characteristics: winter, spring, summer, and autumn, each with a corresponding colour palette that best complements their natural colouring. Learning your colour season will give you a palette to help guide your satirical choices to guarantee that clothes and accessories always look radiant on you and pair together nicely.




How to Find Your Colour Season?


To determine which colour season you are in, you first need to look at the temperature of your skin tone. We aren’t talking about ethnicity or skin colour here. Our skin can be warmer or cooler depending on the underlying tone.


Two methods for finding your skin tone:


  1. Do you suit gold(warm) or silver(cool) jewellery?
  2. Look at the veins inside your wrists; do these look greener (warm) or bluer(cool)?


Skin with a cooler undertone is either winter or summer. Skin with a warmer tone is either spring or autumn. 




Summer or Winter Colour Season? 



The contrast in your colour is what distinguishes Summer and Winter colour seasons. Summers have softer features and colours, with less contrast between hair, complexion, and eye colour. Winters will have a lot of differentiation, like pale complexion with dark hair or cool-toned dark skin with a striking eye colour. Keep reading for some hints and tips just for winter-seasoned individuals.




  • Skin tone: cool, pink, or blue undertones
  • Hair colour: ash brown, platinum blonde, silver, or light to medium, cool brown
  • Eye colour: light blue, grey-blue, green-blue, or soft brown




  • Skin tone: cool, blue, or pink undertones
  • Hair colour: black or dark brown
  • Eye colour: dark brown, black, or bright blue



Spring or Autumn Colour Season?


Warm-toned folks need to decide between spring and autumn. Lightness and brightness are good indicators here. Spring has more vivid, bright colours with a stronger contrast than autumn, which has deeper and darker with less contrasting elements.




  • Skin tone: warm, peach, or golden undertones
  • Hair colour: golden blonde, light or medium warm brown, strawberry blonde, or auburn
  • Eye colour: light blue, green, hazel, or light brown with golden flecks




  • Skin tone: warm, golden, or olive undertones
  • Hair colour: golden brown, coppery red, or dark warm brown
  • Eye colour: brown, hazel, or green with golden flecks



Hopefully, you can now determine your colour season. And the fun part comes next, choosing the clothes, cosmetics, and accessories that will complement your natural features and create a look that reveals your radiance.
In each article in this series, we will feature one colour season and help you determine which colours and neutrals work best for that palette. Keep reading to find out more about the wonderful winter colour season palette. Tap here for a deep dive into the [Autumn Colour Palette].



Which Colours Suit a Winter Colour Season?


The Winter colour palette focuses on bold, cool, deep hues with high contrast. Think clear and crisp colours that reflect the brightness of winter days - icy blues, jewel-toned greens, rich purples, and holly berry reds.
The winter colour palette includes cool and vibrant colours that are intense and striking, such as:
  • Deep blues, such as royal blue, navy, and indigo
  • Bright reds, such as cherry, crimson, and scarlet
  • Cool greens, such as emerald, forest, and teal
  • Bold purples, such as violet, plum, and magenta
  • Stark white and jet black
When accessorising, aim for bold, statement pieces that match the intensity of the colours in the winter palette. Neutrals that work well with the winter colour palette include charcoal, black, icy greys, and true whites. Metallics like silver and platinum can also complement the cool tones of the winter palette.



Scarves for Winter Colour Season


If you have clothing pieces in your collection that aren't in your colour season, try adding a scarf. It will frame your face and tone down any hues in your attire that are out of sync with the season. 
Here are some of our finest cashmere scarves in the winter colour palette to get you started. 


Go bold and rejoice in your ability to be able to rock vibrant hues. Our Razmatazz Pink Shaded Cashmere and Silk Wrap packs a punch of femininity.


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Another bold choice is this bright and crisp Sapphire Blue Cashmere and Silk Wrap. Gemstone hues really work on those with a high-contrasting winter colour season.


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Those with winter colouring are the only ones with black and white in their ideal palette, so go for our Classic Black Cashmere and Silk Scarf. This wardrobe workhorse will pair with all your existing pieces, but we think it looks especially chic in a black-and-white monochromatic moment.


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Discovering your seasonal colour palette will help you choose the best colours to enhance your natural features and bring out your radiance. Understanding which colours look best on you enables you to alter your wardrobe and feel confident in your fashion choices.
Stay tuned for future posts in which we will explain the other colour seasons - spring and summer. To learn more about the Autumn colour palette, tap here



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