Collection Review: Home Fragrances
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Collection Review: Home Fragrances

Find out how to breath new life into your home this year with our best selling collection of luxury home fragrances

Collection Review: Home Fragrances

Certain aromas are linked to our emotions. They can evoke a feeling of nostalgia, they can create a unique atmosphere or feeling. Each of our home fragrances have been carefully crafted to transform your surroundings. If you are looking to breath new life into your home in the New year then you might enjoy exploring our home fragrance collection.



From fresh and vivid scents such as Sicilian Citrus and Juniper, to the sweet floral notes of Honeysuckle and Jasmine. We've created a range that is unique and chic as your own sense of style. We've chosen scents that will exhilarate and bring energy into your space, in the form of Fresh Tea and Ginger and heady sensual blends such as Black Rose and Frankincense that will create an exotic and intoxicating mood that is perfect for seduction and intimate nights in. Light, fresh grapefruit features in two of our fragrances. Appearing beside rich saffron as well as the woody tones of cedar. 

We understand that scent should be layered, that the intensity should vary according to your mood. Which is why we have a range of scented candles to add a slow burning fragrance that lasts and lingers, as well as the convenience of room sprays for instant transformation. Our room diffusers are ideal for a soft background fragrance and our hand and body wash, and hand and body lotions mean that every gesture you make can add depth to this exquisite canvas of aroma.

Each item in our home fragrance range is beautifully presented in timeless, chic packaging so that it will fit in with any décor. So whether you choose a scented candle in classy black glass or classic transparent glass, you know it won't look out of place. This attention to design detail continues with our room sprays, hand and body wash, and hand and body lotion. Each one presented in a charming glass bottle with refined metal details. The room diffusers feature glass with metal accents, elegant reeds and can even be purchased with sophisticated gun metal tops for extra elegance. 

So find a scent that fits in with your lifestyle and let it freshen up your living space. The Lavender and Geranium blend brings to mind the majesty of a Mediterranean summer. The calming, serenity of lavender works beautifully with the heady rush of geranium's musky floral notes. In this particular blend, they key fragrances are deepened and enhanced by the addition of musk, amber, sandalwood and patchouli. 

This unique combination gives a woody and sensual depth to the clean lavender notes that is breathtaking. The candles are hand poured, each one has a burn time of 30 hours. Each product in this range is made in England using carefully selected fragrances in a rich and deep palette of scents.


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