Posted by James Davey

If you can’t make your loved ones feel special at Christmas, when can you? I learned a little lesson in the art of luxury giving some 20 years ago when my twin daughters were pre-teen.  A very good friend of mine gave each of them a pair of pure cashmere bed socks for Christmas. At the time I thought this to be rather extravagant; cashmere for children seems somewhat overdoing it.
However, I realised it was a very thoughtful and inventive gift. The girls were thrilled; they felt very spoiled and grown up. That idea of giving unexpected little luxuries has stayed with me all these years and has been my watchword when choosing presents for family and friends. Something small of beautiful quality can be deeply appreciated. It doesn’t have to be expensive, though expensive is nice too. In the words of Sir Henry Royce, (later adopted as the Gucci slogan) 
“The quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten”
Here are a few little luxuries from our ladies’ collections which make perfect gifts for stocking fillers or to put under the tree.

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