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Pinspiration | Scarf.ace

One of our most popular Pinterest boards is devoted to men's scarves and for obvious reason is titled Scarf.ace.  We have picked 3 of the most liked pins from the board and have featured them here. So come and say hello to our little friends . . . 

Pinspiration | Scarf.ace

Earlier this year we introduced some of the most popular pins from our Pinterest board devoted to men’s ties and pocket squares. With autumn now upon us, it seems fitting to do the same for our board dedicated to the quintessential autumnal accessory; the scarf.

Unlike the descriptive name given to our Ties & Pocket Squares board, we were obviously in much more frothy mood when naming our men's scarves board and opted for the catchy title of Scarf.ace in reference to the film character Tony Montana (who is probably more partial to a bandana than a scarf). 

We will now showcase 3 of the most popular pins from our Scarf.ace Pinterest board. So in words of Tony Montana, we would like you to say hello to our little friends . . .  

1. Grey Cashmere Scarf



The simplicity of this outfit is what stands out. This is a perfect example of how simple accessories can give a classic suit a sleek and elegant feel in an effortless way. To replicate this look, we recommend our classic grey cashmere scarf.


Men's Grey Cashmere Scarf To Buy Online


2. Navy Silk Scarf with White Dots



The navy silk scarf with white dots is a classic. Traditionally reserved for evening dress, men’s silk scarves are becoming more and more popular for everyday dressing, which was mentioned in greater detail in last month’s Comeback Cravat feature. 

The scarf featured above has been incorporated into an everyday smart casual outfit and worn with complimentary neutral colours such as green and grey.

For this, we recommend the best selling Adelfia Silk Scarf


Men's Navy Polka Silk Scarf To Buy Online


3. Navy Cashmere Scarf



There is no better colour than navy blue to wear with a camel overcoat. When combined, they provide a great contrast and both colours appear richer when worn side by side. 

Depending on how thick you like your cashmere scarf, for this we’d recommend either our navy rib nit cashmere scarf (below) or our classic woven navy cashmere scarf.

For more inspiration, click here to discover our full collection of men’s silk scarves and here for our collection of men’s cashmere scarves.

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