Posted by Goldie Jain

For weddings which request ‘formal day dress’, a traditional morning suit should be worn. The traditional morning suit jacket has curved front edges sloping back at the sides into long tails. The suit traditionally has a black jacket with grey trousers featuring fine black stripes and a grey waist coat. 


Tie: Ivory Paisley Silk Tie  Pocket Square: Ivory Paisley Silk Pocket Square  Cufflinks: "Dog & Bone" Cufflinks Morning  Suit: Favourbrook  Shoes: Church's

As this is the most traditional dress of the four wedding outfits you should accessorise conservatively. Team the suit with a classic ivory silk paisley tie and matching silk pocket square. If you want to add a contemporary twist, fasten your double cuffed shirt with rhodium plated “Dog and Bone” Cockney Rhyming Slang cufflinks which are backed with a pair of rhodium plated mobile phones . . . real talking point.