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Check List

Take a look at our collection of check scarves for men this autumn and see which 5 made our 'Check List'.

Check List

A check is not just for Christmas. Perennially popular, checks, tartans and houndstooth patterns have found their way into our collection of cashmere scarves for men this autumn.

Scarves in small checks, Prince of Wales checks and houndstooth checks in cashmere, from three of the most respected cashmere producing countries in the world, Kashmir, Italy and Scotland.

Topping the check list are Italian cashmere scarves in classic monochrome, one in the traditional Prince of Wales check, another in dramatic houndstooth and for those who prefer a smaller check, puppytooth.


1. Black & Grey Large Houndstooth Cashmere Scarf





2. Prince of Wales Check Cashmere Scarf


Cashmere Scarf | Grey Prince of Wales Check Scarf






3. Black & Biscuit Puppytooth Cashmere Scarf


Black and Brown Puppytooth Cashmere Scarf To Buy Online




The final two on the list are the classic tartan checks, which feature the handmade oversize Black Watch tartan scarf and the English made Curzon check scarf in lambswool and cashmere.


4. Curzon Check Cashmere & Lambswool Scarf


Men's Navy & Brown Check Lambswool & Cashmere Check Scarf To Buy Online




5. Oversized Black Watch Tartan Cashmere Scarf


Men's Oversized Navy & Green Tartan Check Cashmere Scarf To Buy Online




The quality of this collection is second to none and the range combines this season’s love of the ‘Big’ scarf, monochrome tones and checks.


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