The Italian Job II: Mission Sartorial
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The Italian Job II: Mission Sartorial

Last month we finalised our AW14/15 collections of leather gloves for women and men and have a sneak peak at the trip and coming collections here.

The Italian Job II: Mission Sartorial

For those familiar with the film The Italian Job, you’ll be aware that there was a remake but not a sequel. The reason for our sequel is that the previous editorial on Black In Style called The Italian Job, which featured last season’s collection of men’s leather gloves, was so called to give the piece a pithy and catchy title.

At the time of writing, I was unaware that the real Italian Job was to come just a few months down the line and would turn in to a real adrenaline pumping smash and grab affair. That may be somewhat of an overstatement but I’m still going for pithy and catchy.

At this time of year all the new accessory designs and collections which will be on site in the coming autumn and winter are finalised and put into production. Last month we went to northern Italy to visit the company who manufacture our collections of leather gloves for women and men.

Over the years, we have become the go to brand for our customers for leather gloves and this is thanks, in a large part, to the quality of the leathers and linings offered by the small family company we work with in Italy which enable us to improve and enhance the collections season after season.

Our day trip to Italy last month involved trawling through dozens of different leather samples, linings and details to produce our most exciting collection to date (see I told you it was an adrenaline pumping affair). Here are some of the pictures we took whilst there which should give you a clue as to what’s in store come autumn.


Detailing: The new season collection of ladies leather gloves with contrast inserts and zips

Textures: The new collection will feature various textures of leathers, quilts and tweeds

Linings & Inserts: Our specialist collection will feature cashmere linings and inserts in tartans and checks

Going Hell For Leather: A sneak peek at our new long leather gloves for women. 

Straps & Stitching: Our men's collection will feature gloves with more detail this autumn.

Blue on Blue: Even the Italian trawlermen are up with the latest trends

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